Selling a product on e-commerce online shopping portal will not cost you much. However, it will require a lot of understanding and planning of the latest marketing strategies so that you can reach most of your target audience at one go.

Instead of selling their product or services using only traditional modes of sales such as retail outlets or shopping centres, merchants today are also including a separate plan on how to promote and sell their products online. In this cut-throat competitive market, there are a number of e-commerce online shopping platforms. You need to carefully and strategically choose that which will fit yours.

Online shopping portals have given access to even small sellers who cannot afford overhead costs of having a big physical store. Small time craftsmen or even weavers are now able to sell their products to PAN Indian market without having to go through the middle men. With modest formalities with the e-commerce portals, these small time producers are enjoying having an e-commerce store.

Moreover, Morgan Stanley has projected that by the year 2020, India will have approximately 320 million online shoppers. If that happens, it will be a whopping jump from mere 50 million online purchasers way back in 2015.

In the recent years, India has become a huge e-commerce marketplace. People from different age group, caste, religion and gender are involved in online purchases. Instead of visiting physical stores they are spending that time on online e-commerce portals. Add to this high speed internet connectivity.

Even though Indians are still skeptical shoppers and would want to stick to ‘Cash on Delivery’ payment option, they are also adapting to the concept of ‘buy now pay later online shopping’. This type of easy-pay option is taking the online shopping world by a storm.

Ever heard of making a cashless transaction while making your next online purchase? And by cashless means you are not paying a single Rupee to the online store at that moment for your purchase. All you need to do is select the ‘pay later’ option among the digital payment solution.

There are business vendors who are offering such mode of payment. The process is quite simple—you register with any of the ‘pay later’ partners available online. If your ‘pay later’ partner is included in the payment gateway of the online store you are purchasing from, you need to click that option and relax.

The ‘pay later’ vendor will pay the money to the online store on your behalf. You can make the payment to the vendor within the stipulated time free of any interest. One of the key objectives of such digital payment solution is to provide you with a more secured buying option. You are not using any credit card or debit card while making your purchase. Therefore, your account information and card details are remaining 100% safe.

The top three reasons why merchants are also selling their products online are:

  • Small sellers are comfortable to sell their products online as it does not require an office space or a properly organised shop. All the merchants need to do is contact the online portal where they want to list their product.
  • Small sellers usually are not able to reach their target audiences. Joining hands with online portals gives them the chance to reach out to the target market PAN India.

Online portals are always using the best of digital marketing techniques to enhance their online visibility. Being part of this process, small time sellers too get the opportunity for a better placement of their products.