When it comes to event catering, it all comes down to style. The type of food you serve – and even the way you serve it – can send a very powerful message to your guests. Consider the type of event you want to host, and then tailor your menu around it. Here are five of the best event catering menu ideas of different event types.

1 – The Local Menu

More and more restaurants out there have taken to highlighting local foods, and when you choose the right catering company for your event, you can do the same thing. For instance, you could get meats from a local butcher, greens from a local farmer, and even beer from the local breweries in the area. Consider serving each course with a bit of information about the origin of the ingredients, and you can create an interactive service that people are sure to remember.

2 – Homestyle Cuisine

Homestyle cuisine is a favorite, and there are plenty of recipes native to the Toronto area to consider. In fact, the type of food you choose to serve is not quite as important as the methods via which you serve it. For instance, if you want to create a unified atmosphere at your event, consider serving the meal family-style. This simply means that the caterer will present each table with a platter of food designed to be passed around the table from person to person, much as they would do at home.

3 – A “Bar Food” Theme

Many corporations host cocktail parties for their employees, and choosing a menu to go along with a night designed around craft beer and aged scotch is difficult. One of the best choices here is to stick to what people know and expect – traditional “bar food”. Salty, savory fare is a great way to compliment many cocktail parties, and you can get as creative as you would like. For instance, why not consider a “chip bar” where guests receive a portion of fries that they can cover with their choice of gourmet toppings?

4 – A Dessert Menu

Just about everyone can appreciate a sweet treat, and depending on the type of event you are hosting, you might even set up a menu all about the desserts. In fact, while many events center around wines and how they pair with various cheeses, a new trend involves pairing wines with chocolates, pastries, and other desserts. If you choose to host this sort of event, though, make sure to provide a few sugar-free options to suit those with particular needs or concerns.

5 – Unique Drinks

Finally, adding unique drinks to your menu makes your event a memorable one. Sometimes, adding a new garnish or a few drops of food coloring to a classic drink is all it takes to make a difference, and it offers a great branding opportunity at corporate events. You should also offer a “virgin” version of this signature cocktail along with beer, wine, and/or champagne for those who prefer to stick to the basics.

When it comes to hosting a successful event, whether it is a small gathering at home or a huge corporate event with hundreds of guests, the menu should make a statement of its own. You can utilize any of the ideas here or work with your caterer to come up with your own. The possibilities are truly endless.