Right now, one of the most popular and undeniably impressive of cosmetic surgical procedures being carried out in the United Kingdom is Vaser lipo.  Liposuction in general has been around for decades now and while potentially effective and reasonably affordable represents a rather disconcerting and brutal approach to fat removal. In fact, even the mention of liposuction brings to mind a mental picture of a quite terrifyingly aggressive fat removal process that doesn’t exactly instils desire and confidence.

This is precisely why Vaser lipo has become not only incredibly popular, but the kind of procedure more leading surgeons across the world are recommending above and beyond all others. So from the experts at www.absamc.co.uk, what follows is a quick 101 introductory guide to Vaser lipo and why it has turned out to be such a sensation.

Vaser Lipo Surgery 101 – A Beginner’s Guide

How Does it Work?

In terms of how it works, Vaser lipo calls upon an extremely complicated and precise scientific and technological technique of which the specifics are not important to the patient. As far as the patient is concerned, the only thing they really need to know is that Vaser lipo uses ultrasonic energy in an extremely powerful and targeted form as a means by which to liquefy fat under the surface of the skin which can then be extracted using a small tube. What makes Vaser lipo so different is the way in which there is in fact no suction involved and nor is the liquefying of the fat nearly as aggressive.

Traditional liposuction has always proved its merit in terms of breeding impressive results, but is nonetheless the kind of procedure most would approach with some apprehension. Even when undertaken by the best surgeons in the world, it would almost be impossible for things to be carried out without there being quite a lot of pain for the patient both during and after the procedure, along some recovery time.  Things are quite different with Vaser lipo as with less pain, better results and a much shorter recovery period, Vaser has become the alternative that most surgeons are now wholeheartedly recommending above and beyond traditional liposuction.

Minimal Side Effects

The battle to minimise side-effects and keep risks to absolute minimums is one that continues to be extremely hard fought all across the cosmetic surgery industry. Of course, no surgical procedure is 100% risk free and could ever be considered 100% safe, but the introduction of Vaser lipo took things a huge step further in minimising risks and side-effects of the fat removal surgery.

This all comes down to the way in which Vaser lipo is a technique that can be pinpointed and targeted much more precisely than the traditional liposuction which not only minimises its damage in the treated area, but also minimises its harmful effects on the cells surrounding the area to be treated. So not only does the technique as a whole yield an effect with a much shorter recovery time, it also does less damage to the body in general than conventional liposuction.

On top of this, tests have shown that Vaser lipo goes some way to combat the problem of loose and sagging skin that is known to follow conventional liposuction. While there will of course be loosening of the skin when and where large reserves of fat are removed, Vaser lipo has been shown to leave skin up to 50% firmer and tighter than would be expected with conventional liposuction.

Head to Toe Application

Another of the game-changing benefits of Vaser lipo is the fact that the finely targeted nature of the technique means that it can be applied with great effect to most areas of the body. This was actually one of the primary focuses of the research in the first place as they wanted to create something that had a similar yet superior effect to liposuction but could be used on more areas of the body. With the rather brutal nature of conventional liposuction, it’s hardly surprising that to use it on the more sensitive areas of the body, like the neck for example, would be wholly impossible.

Vaser lipo can and is routinely used across the body from top to bottom to effectively remove excess fat and improve definition and appearance where and when required. There is almost no area of the body where Vaser lipo cannot be used to great effect and with minimal damage, side-effects and recovery times for patients undergoing the procedure.

And what’s more, research and development in the field of Vaser lipo is still very much on-going which means that while things are already pretty impressive, they are also getting better and better all the time.