The right windows can take even the drabbest space and help transform it into something special. Though there are certainly many types of windows to choose from, bay windows, when used properly, can be one of the best types of windows for space. When you consider the numerous benefits of having bay windows in your home, you’ll quickly see that it’s worth working to incorporate at least one into your home’s design.

5 Benefits of Having Bay Windows in Your Home

Natural Light

A bay window, even more than other window types, allows for a large amount of natural light to flood the space that it’s installed in. Since it protrudes beyond the exterior wall, it can catch those extra rays of sunlight that a regular window might miss. This can brighten up a dark room, even allowing you to keep the lights off to help save energy. Plus, natural light has been shown to improve your mood, meaning you can work to avoid conditions like seasonal affective disorder when you have a bay window.

Natural Warmth

With all that natural light comes natural warmth, as well. In the winter, you can throw your drapes open wide and allow the sunshine to warm the surfaces in your home, thus increasing the temperature and lessening the demand on your furnace. After all, there’s a reason why cats prefer laying in the light from a window- it keeps them warm. Let a bay window do the same for you, just be sure it’s properly installed using professional window installation services so that hard-earned heat doesn’t escape again.

More Space

The protruding design of bay windows can also help to open up a room. While it’s not necessarily practical for extra storage, the design of a bay window does increase the dimensions of a room, giving the appearance of increased space. Of course, with the right design, the bottom of a bay window can become a functional area to be used as seating, storage, or decor display, thereby increasing the utilitarian value of the window, as well.

Curb Appeal

There’s something instantly familiar and inviting about a bay window in a home. For guests and passers-by alike, a bay window can give the exterior of your home a pleasant appearance that they enjoy seeing. For guests, especially, the warmth exuded by a bay window will let them know, even before they step foot inside, that your home is a welcoming place.

Increased Value

If you watch home shows, you never hear those on the show say, “I really want my home to have plain, boring windows.” Instead, dramatic and unique windows always increase the “wow” factor, thereby increasing the perceived value and asking price. A bay window can be a fascinating and unique feature of your home that can greatly increase its value when it comes time to sell. Plus, you get to pass that warm and welcoming vibe on to the next residents of the home.

A Place to Be

A room with a bay window becomes a natural gathering place during any get-together. People are naturally drawn to light-filled rooms, meaning your guests will absolutely love the light that a bay window can provide. As you seek to make your home a place where all feel welcome, a bay window can be an important part of that effort.