Since our humble beginnings in the Pleistocene epoch, humanity has been a species of powerful creatures. Human beings were never the strongest or the fastest animals, not even the agilest, but we were fit. We were able to keep up during arduous hunts and trek across hundreds of miles because fitness and being in shape was in our DNA. Since the beginning, human health has been intricately tied to our fitness levels, but then came agriculture and with it our future prosperity. Once we stopped hunting and migrating and settled down into permanent towns and cities, we experienced a sort of loss. We lost our identity as fit creatures, became sedentary and started growing fat. Obesity and excess weight has been plaguing the human race ever since, adversely affecting our health and slowly killing us. Weight loss and maintaining adequate fitness levels are the two most critical health-related changes you can make to live a long life.

Obesity-related illnesses are a despicable side effect of modern living. The incidence of obesity-related diseases has skyrocketed in the last century and especially during the previous few decades. Every year hundreds of millions of dollars are spent just trying to arrest the adverse effects that being fat and out of shape has on our collective health and fitness levels.

We have all become accustomed by now the idea that being fat and having excess weight will shorten our lifespan and increase the risk of developing dangerous health conditions. The most commonly associated obesity-related illnesses are cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, joint pain, and even cancer. Most of us, however, are painfully oblivious to the damage that is out of shape has on our minds.

The psychological cost of being fat or having excess weight can be higher than most of us like to admit. Obesity can induce dramatically lower self-esteem and cause an unfortunate amount of anxiety. Eventually, severe psychological disorders such as depression, bulimia and anorexia can develop. Modern society worships thin, attractive bodies, but there is more to this than just looks; weight loss and achieving proper fitness can induce beneficial changes to your health.

If you want to improve your self-esteem and gain better health and fitness, there is nothing better than to begin training a martial art or combat sport. Martial arts provide useful and exciting opportunities for weight loss and reducing the risk of developing dangerous diseases while at the same time giving you something to feel proud of.

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