Keeping carpet clean is a task that most people not only want to do, but need to do in order to stay in good standing with their landlord. If you find yourself constantly scrubbing at stains on your carpet, you need to think about ways you can prevent it from happening again. Here are four tricks that can better help you keep your carpet from getting dirty.

Eat and Drink in the Kitchen

Restrict eating and drinking to the kitchen or dining area. This trick is especially important if you have children in the home. Since children are more irresponsible about where they sit food and drinks down, insisting that they eat and drink in the kitchen will reduce the potential for the carpet to get stained.

Even adults can be me forgetful about where a dish was placed until it’s too late. Keeping eating and drinking to the kitchen will ensure that there aren’t any lingering dishes sitting in carpeted areas.

After a few weeks of implementing this strategy, the opportunities for your carpet to become stained will be reduced drastically.

4 Tricks To Keep Your Carpet From Getting Dirty

Cover More Area

Another way to reduce dirt from getting on carpeted areas is to invest in larger pieces of furniture. Keeping the dimensions of your home in mind, find pieces that will cover larger areas in your home, while still allowing safe travel. Becoming a pack rat is not the idea, rather you want to cover more space so that stains and dirt particles can’t get to the carpet. Although there will be an accumulation of dust in the covered areas, you’ll notice that the carpet will be markedly cleaner.

If furniture is not your preference, large area rugs can add plenty of coverage while adding a decorative kick to the room. If you live in an apartment where space is limited keep in mind that areas underneath tables, chairs, and along walls can be used as coverage for any items that add to the decorum of the room.

One Way Travel

Control the travel in your house by using one entrance into the home. If you live in a house, limiting the use of one door of entry and exit will greatly reduce the amount of dirt coming into the home. Select the entry that is the furthest distance away from the carpeted area. This distance will give your family time to get more debris off of shoes before stepping onto the carpet. Most entry ways have flooring or tiling that makes cleaning dirt from the outside much easier.

If you live in an apartment, stop at the entry way and take your shoes off immediately. If your apartment is on the first floor, limit traffic to the front door only. Allowing traffic in from a patio door will mean tracking in more dirt from the grassy area surrounding your patio door.

Hire a Professional

Knowing what methods to use for cleaning carpet is essential so that your carpet isn’t destroyed in the cleaning process. Even with the use of caution, there will be accidents that you can’t avoid. When you find yourself in this situation, it is important to hire a professional carpet cleaning company to restore your carpet. A carpet cleaning company like AAA Steam Carpet Cleaning Ltd. will know the appropriate chemicals needed to treat your carpet. Products sold for home cleaning vary greatly from the products that professional companies use. Most carpet cleaning companies offer eco – friendly products that clean effectively but don’t introduce toxins into the home.

The tools employed during the cleaning process are as important as the chemicals used to treat your carpet. Since it is highly unlikely that you have the tools necessary to treat the stains in your carpet, a professional carpet cleaning company will be necessary. The tools a professional company has are specifically designed to remove stains without adding damage to the carpet.

Your carpet will not be cleaner without intentionally decreasing the opportunities to make it dirty. Although stains and dirt will still make its way to your carpeted areas, the process of cleaning it will be less intensive. You’ll find that the activities you allow yourself to do in carpeted areas will be things that require minimal cleaning.