A lot of people and business owners would love to have a flag either in their yard or parking lot. Having a nice flag pole gives people the opportunity to showcase their patriotic pride, a season’s greetings, their favorite sports team, or even a personal banner.

However, though they would love to have a flag pole on their property; many people don’t have the real space to place one. That is where using a Telescoping Flag Pole in place of a traditional metal one can prove to be a great idea. A telescoping flag pole has a number of benefits over a metal pole that should be explored.

The first is that a telescoping pole is made of more sturdy materials which can hold up to the elements much better than a metal pole. There will be no rust issues or chipping paint problems, which are very commonly seen with large metal poles. And, people may not realize, but telescoping flag poles can also be moved and are very convenient for storage purposes as well. Although these flags can really withstand high winds, owners have the option of putting them in storage if a big storm is coming to the area.

The Biggest Advantages Of Installing A Telescoping Flagpole

Many people consider telescoping Flag Poles more convenient compared to regular or commercial poles. By simply triggering the button, these types of flagpoles can retract or extend in just some seconds. Many select these poles because they do not require much maintenance and also no halyard is required for these poles.

Since there is no halyard required to lower and raise the flags and banners, business owners who operate in more residential neighborhoods and homeowners don’t have to worry about that loud clanging more traditional flag poles have. These poles can easily reach the height of sixteen feet or more. There are normally a couple of different types of finishes available in these poles ranging from bronze anodized, clear anodized, white painted to black anodized.

The typical fittings for these telescoping flagpoles include the swivel rings of poly-carbonate, a flag harness that enables you to attach the two banners and a collar. The collar fits perfectly around the bottom side of the pole and stops people from raising or lowering the flagpole. The collar can be secured easily with a nut or some type of lock.

Many of the best telescoping flagpole models available consist of a ground sleeve or a foundation. It depends on the length and material of the flagpole that either a steel foundation or a heavy duty PVC will be used. As majority of such poles are light in weight, PVC ground sleeves are used the most. A simple Flagpole Installation can be done as well in just a few minutes with a telescoping flag pole.

These are just a few of the examples of why having a telescoping flag poles can really be of a big benefit to home and business owners. If you have been considering getting a new flag for your home or business, then a telescoping flag pole is going to be something that can work for you.

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