mowing lawnDoing things yourself gives you great pleasure, confidence and peace of mind since you can ensure that the job is done perfectly. If the job is something related to a hobby or to beauty and design – which fascinates many people – doing it yourself will give you boundless pleasure. The lawn is an extension of your home and it’s not meant to simply be a yard. Rather, taking care of it and making a plan to design it consistently with your home will make your home marvelous looking.

However, although, the lawn is an extension of the overall design and beauty of your home, it requires a lot of maintenance to keep beautiful. And, since it is largely connected with the overall consistency and beauty of your home, this is something you don’t want to compromise on! But hiring a professional to maintain your lawn would cost a lot since it is a technical task. What if you can do it by yourself?

This is not like inventing a rocket or navigating a spaceship; you can do it by following a few precise tips. Just follow the instructions discussed here, and you will be a professional lawn maintainer for your own lawn! First, take a look that the mistakes that people make frequently. A common misunderstanding is that, if you fertilize the soil frequently, then it will produce trees and grass quickly. In some cases, this technique works. But, if you do it too often, it can lead to disaster. Frequent fertilization will destroy many insects which help the plants to grow naturally.

While trimming plants, grass or tree leaves, make sure that you are leaving at least 3 ½ or 4 inches. This is because this portion is the healthier portion. If you cut too short, it will prevent shading out of the weeds as well as sprouting which will cause the soil to be cold. Moreover, this helps microbes to grow and expand in the soil which are also healthy for the soil. To make sure that your mowing is working well, regularly sharpen your mower’s blades. Usually, after ten hours of use, the blades perform less effectively. Dull blades won’t mow the lawn properly and will leave ugly cut edges.

If you decide your mowing times by calendar, give up this habit. You should mow your lawn according to the grass length, not the date. Try to bring variation in the mowing patterns. This means that, while you’re mowing the lawn, you should mow the grass and trim other plants in different directions and paths. This will help the grass growing more upright. If the grass is wet, don’t mow it. Cutting wet grass causes uneven shape and edges.

Lawn mowers are usually of two kinds: rotary mowers and reel mowers. Rotary mowers are more frequently used and are usually found in electrical mechanisms. Their blades cut the grass in a horizontal, spinning motion which chops off the top of the grass. On the other hand, reel mowers are much less common, almost obsolete. They need to be operated by pushing forward. Since they require much effort and power, they are not suitable for bigger lawns. Rather, a yard or lawn with a smaller area is perfect for them.

Aside from these, there are several other lawn mowing tools such as string trimmers, edger’s, blowers, rakes, push type spreaders, sprayers, de-thatches, and aerators. A string trimmer is a handheld device which is powered by electricity or gas or oil which helps the user in trimming the grass around buildings, flowerbeds and fences. Edger’s are much like trimmers except that they have vertical cutting heads. Push-type spread eraser useful for fertilizing and spreading seeds and pesticides. Blowers provide airflow to the grass for advanced nurturing. Rakes are fan-style tools which let you inexpensively remove debris, thatch or leaves from the lawn. Nonetheless, if you are not confident enough to mow your lawn by yourself and live in Toronto, you can hire lawn mowing professional teams. There are several lawn care companies who provide lawn mowing services to optimize your home and lawn perfectly.

Author bio: Sean Wrona is a professional lawn care services Toronto provider for past 25 years and is sharing his experiences by writing online in different blogs and sites. His experiences made him an expert in this field of lawn mowing where he knows each and every point to be cared for while maintaining a lawn. As a result, his articles and columns published online are great sources for excelling lawn mowing knowledge.