SEO techniques are evolving continuously owing to the frequent Google updates. In 2013 there was a rush to change SEO strategies when Google came up with Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird. In 2014 more changes are expected. Every time such updates are introduced, SEO professionals find themselves at their tether’s end. But losing focus and patience isn’t really going to help you. The need of the hour is to stay updated about even the smallest changes that are happening in the SEO world. To formulate new strategies it is inevitable that you will have to know what the new updates mean. Penguin makes sure that only good quality links are benefitted while Panda focuses on good quality content. Hummingbird ensures that relevant results are delivered on the SERPs.

To put it in a crux everything that is important to SEO, like, content, back links and keywords, have to be modified to make your techniques work. The websites which do not comply by these rules are heavily penalized by Google. So what can you do to avoid being punished by the search engine giant? Stay updated on the latest SEO information with the following 5 ways:

Subscribe to SEO Blogs

This is a great way to keep a tab on SEO information. Every time a change is introduced, the SEO blogs put up information about it. You can set up your RSS Feed or subscribe to them through email. Another convenient way is to create Google alerts for a handful of SEO terms. You will receive a host of leads that will include articles, news and blogs about the latest updates and trends. Some of the noted blogs in this regard are Moz, Hubspot, etc. Google, too, has its own blog. You can also subscribe to it.

Stream on Twitter

By creating a stream on Twitter you will also be able to get the latest news and information on SEO techniques. Choose terms related to SEO, like Google algorithm and get the desired results. You can also choose umbrella topics, like, SEO, SEO software or SEO tools. Another advantage on Twitter is that you can follow the industry giants. As a result you can keep a track of what they are tweeting about SEO trends.

Use LinkedIn

The LinkedIn groups can be of great help in this regard. This is an immense platform where you will find numerous articles and other resources when you need help with SEO. There are forums or discussion platforms from where you can learn as well. Join these discussion groups. The more you are engaged in such discussions, the better knowledge you will acquire about what is happening in the SEO world across the globe.

Keep Some Time for Self Study

You grow with learning. If you stagnate yourself, you stop learning about the latest trends. It is important that you understand what the latest techniques expect from you. Knowing is not enough. You must also have the knowledge to put it into practice. Hence, take out 15 or 20 minutes for yourself to know more about such trends and analyze how you can benefit from it.

Follow Google Webmaster Tools

Whenever someone mentions Google Webmaster tools you think about traffic. Of course, it is a tool to see that your websites are properly optimized but it also has several resources that elucidate about the most effective SEO practices. You get a thorough technical idea about the crawling of Google spiders, and also the information about a certain site’s performance, keywords ranking, internal links, etc.

The ultimate way to make your SEO plans work is to stick to the white hat SEO and pay attention to the changes that are required to make the website visible.

Author Bio: Charlie is a working professional with Here he discusses about the ways in which a SEO professional can keep himself updated on the latest trends.