So your mainframe is still and kicking and certainly growing . . . but what about modernising all your mainframe application screens so they can be easily accessed on modern devices familiar to your staff 24 hours a day from anywhere? Are you expanding your BYOD plans? If you need to find a new terminal emulator, here’s a list of questions you must ask your potential suppliers.  Different providers offer a range of diverse capabilities so in order to get what you really want for the least hassle, widest usage, in quick time and for the best value . . . make your way through these questions and choose the provider that gives the right answers!

1. Do I need to change my mainframe application at all?  Their answer should be no!

2. What range of mainframe applications and screen types do you support?  Their answer should be at least IBM mainframes, IBM AS/400 and iSeries, Unix Machines.

3. What code do I need to put on the user devices and do I need a browser Plug-in? You shouldn’t have to do this at all.

4. What range of common user device systems do you support? They should at least support Windows, Surface/RT, Mac OS/X, iPad, Android

5. Do you automatically support the latest versions of the user device platforms listed above? Some providers still only support some earlier versions that people have already moved beyond.

6. What are your prices for services for my requirements?

7. Do you offer a Proof of Concept tool we can explore?

8. What are the ongoing annual charges?

11 Essential Questions To Ask A Terminal Emulation Provider

9. Do you provide a comprehensive tool set so we can develop modern web solutions that can link back to new applications and mainframe applications without writing lots of complex Java code? They should say yes!

10. Do you have a comprehensive analyser that speeds development up by looking at how existing users access the central application screens and identifies key screens, fields and alternative actions? They should say yes!

11. Can your tools quickly generate web services?

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