If you are a biriyani lover who happens to be in Hyderabad, the city of Nawabs, these 10 places are a must-visit for some irresistible and deliciously mouth-watering biryani. While some of these restaurants are legendary, they’re all hidden gems.Each of these incredible places serves biryani like no other!Book Hyderabad hotels soon and experience it for yourself!

1. Cafe Bahar

One can simply say that this is one of the most iconic restaurants in Hyderabad serving mouthwatering biryani. Their biriyani has the best flavors we talk about meaty delights.The café also offers a bewildering variety of mutton and chicken dishes at extremely reasonable prices.

2. Sarvi Restaurant

Located in one of the premier localities in Hyderabad, this restaurant serves some flavourful and spicy biryanis at reasonable prices. The best-selling dishes of this place include mutton dum biryani and the chicken dum biryani.

3. Bawarchi Restaurant

The biryani here is so enticing that they have put up a standard note on their door saying, “We have no other branches.” Biriyani lovers should try their mutton biryani and along with somebody Kebab.

4. Shah Ghouse Restaurant

This restaurant is not just for a delicious lunchtime biryani, but also perfect to satisfy those midnight biryani cravings. Apart from their biriyani, the tangdi kebab and haleem are the best accompaniments to the complete biryani meal. You can finish your meal with some original Irani Chai here. According to the owner of this restaurant, the taste of their Irani chai has not changed in 50 years.Located near to the Charminar, this place is nothing like your fancy hygienic restaurants nestled comfortably in posh areas.

5. Grand Hotel Restaurant

People who are planning to shop in Abids or Kotimust stop here for a pleasing biryani time. This place is open till 2 AM so that you can also curb your midnight cravings with appetizing biriyani whenever you want.

6. Meridian Cafe & Restaurant

This popular cafe has become a landmark in Hyderabad. Located close to the PVR, people come here after a good movie time. Some of the other signature dishes of this place include grilled chicken and mutton chops.

7. Hotel Shadab

The best dishes offered at Hotel Shadabinclude Mutton biryani, chicken biriyani, pay a, shikampuri kebabs, and shirmal. Apparently, this eatery beats many legendary sites in the city, in being among the best places to visit in Hyderabad.

8. MaaOoruBiryani Restaurant

Usually, tourists look out for burgers or fast food outlets for a hangout spot, but MaaOoru biryani is a far better place to hang out with your friends. The best part of this site is that you get to have delicious biryani along with finger licking good chicken pops.

9. AbhiruchiHotel

It is a unique place where you can have some excellent prawn’s biryani and some appetising Andhra delicacies. Instead of the regular flavors, you could also try the pandemkodi biryani instead.

10. Silver Salt Restaurant

This restaurant is adored by youngsters as it serves shisha and biryani at the same spot. Some of the other famous dishes at this place includes raan biriyani, chicken chunks, and paneer tikka. While there is no shortage of restaurants in Hyderabad to pamper yourself with some good biryani, the above restaurants are few biryani houses that warrant a necessary visit. So, hurry up, and plan a trip to Hyderabad soon. It is advised to book Hyderabad hotels in advance for a hassle-free journey.