Ponchos. Possibly one of the most difficult fashion trends you will ever try to pull off. There are just so many ways that you could go wrong. Especially with the rise in popularity of the Snuggie blanket – they do seem to look a little too alike for comfort. We invited ladies poncho retailer, The Spanish Boot Company to give us some of their expertise on how to wear a ladies poncho.

A poncho should not be mixed up with a cape, cloak, or wrap. It is a completely unique design that slips over the head and is a one-piece garment. Capes and cloaks are designed with an opening on the front with a fastening near the neck or at the front. Wraps simply tie somewhere around the body and have no other fastenings.

Ponchos are a brilliant way to keep warm in winter. Though there is some debate in the style stakes on whether they are a winter staple, or something that only Mexicans, hippies and old ladies should be seen in.Unfortunately we don’t all have the luxury of stylists (like Sandra) to help piece together tricky pieces such as the poncho. Though if you follow these few tips then you are definitely giving yourself a better chance of pulling it off.

Ladies Ponchos – The Ultimate Guide On How To Wear A Poncho

What to Wear with a Poncho

The main thing to remember with a poncho is that it is an item of clothing which provides masses of volume. Normally they are designed to be flowing, so conversely make sure your bottom half is well fitted. Good choices include skinny jeans, leggings (if the poncho is long enough), and a skirt with tights. Make sure to avoid items such as harem style trousers and long flowing maxi skirts.

What to Wear underneath a Poncho

The main rule on what to wear underneath a poncho is to keep it as simple as you can. If it is a cold climate, wear a light knitted jumper in a plain colour. If the poncho is quite heavy, a plain cotton t-shirt will be perfect. You also want to avoid making the poncho sit in a wear position. If you wear a top with too many ruffles or details it can distort the shape of the poncho. This can make for a very unflattering look. If you feel that your poncho looks too boring with a plain top, then choose a top with patterned sleeves which will be visible as you move your arms around.

What Accessories to Wear with your Poncho

Ponchos are great fun to accessorise due to their versatile nature. Though it is best to steer clear of a few items. Short necklaces will just get lost and will not be effective when wearing a poncho. Instead search for a necklace with a long chain or pendant to accessorise the front of your poncho. Brooches also work particularly well for the more sophisticated and classic look. If you are searching for a more hippy vibe then load your wrists with bangles, decorate your fingers with rings and tie a patterned scarf around your head.

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