The skin tends to develop some clusters of melanin if it is exposed to too much sunlight. The most affected areas are the neck, face and chest. This is where skin brightening products come in. They help eliminate those undesirable spots leaving your skin smooth and beautiful. Similarly, people looking to lighten their skins will find these products helpful.

What to expect

Everyone expects their dark spots to disappear whenever they use skin brightening products. However, this does not happen overnight. One needs to be patient and observe proper application guidelines provided. The persistence use of these products can last up to 4 months before noticeable results begin. During the period of use, it is wise to keep off sunlight. This serves to protect further damage.


There are numerous ingredients contained in best skin brightening products to make them effective. The ingredients have proven to contain what it takes to give you a smooth skin. They perform their work by interrupting the processes that cause undesirable spots. Some of the ingredients you are likely to come across in a skin lightening product include:

•    Vitamin C
•    Acetyl glucosamine
•    Licorice extract
•    Niacinamide and
•    Hydroquinone

Avoid Sunlight Exposure

Skin brightening products work best if you do not expose your skin to sunlight. For this reason, consider covering your skin with a protective material whenever you use this product. Even if you are indoors or in the office and you can see some sunlight, make sure your skin remains covered for the product to work effectively. You can easily undo months of positive progress by exposing your skin to sunlight just one time; it is that serious. Therefore, it is important to note that, skin lighteners and sun protection go hand in hand and if you are looking for positive results, one should not be ignored.

Skin Lighteners Risks

The greatest risk that comes with the use of skin brightening products is a possible mercury exposure. Other risks may include:

•    Premature skin aging as a result of prolonged use.
•    Prolonged use of skin brightening products increases the chances of getting skin cancer due to sunlight exposure. Therefore, make sure you make use of sunscreen each time you use these products.
•    The steroids contained in some skin brightening products increase skin infections risk, acne, poor wound healing and skin thinning.
•    Hydroquinone causes untreatable and unwanted skin discoloration.
•    Several skin lighteners cause irritation to the skin or allergic reactions.


•    Ensure you consult your doctor prior using skin brightening products and inquire for professional advice.
•    Confirm that the product does not contain any mercury ingredient. Look out for it in the ingredients section available in the product description.
•    If you come across hydroquinone on the label, but the percentage is not specified, consider the product unsafe for you. This is because some products may exceed the required percentage of hydroquinone. Some labels might be inaccurate too therefore; it is wise to be very careful when buying these products.
•    If at all you have any queries about the skin brightening product you are about to use, consider talking to a pharmacist or a doctor to confirm whether the product is fit for use. The pharmacist may as well recommend some other options of treatment such as laser treatments, chemical peels and microdermabrasion.


Skin brightening products are effective, but require proper following of the guidelines provided and patience. Before you start with them, make sure you talk to a doctor for their expert opinion. It is prudent to exercise high levels of patience and sun protection for excellent results.