10 Resources To Help Your Office Go Green This SummerBeing close to nature certainly has advantages and in recent times has gained a lot of popularity to the extent of becoming a trend. It is no longer just restricted to educating waste management in schools. The concept of eco-friendly houses, hotels and offices are gaining popularity.

Making your office greener will certainly not burn a hole in your pocket or demand sacrifice of any luxury in the name of sustainable living. In fact, many of these choices prove to be money savers. Rather, going green is a conscious choice that employees have to make. It involves (but is not limited to) choosing reusable items, such as recyclable ink cartridges, instead of disposable items. While going green, the concept of conservation takes over convenience.

A few easy-to-follow tips can surely be of a great help in making your office greener.

Save Paper

Determine your office work pattern and see where paper consumption can be saved. Try and have electronic copies of manuals, various forms and documents. Instead of monthly magazines have e-magazines emailed to everyone. When printing materials are required, make sure to use recycled paper and organic ink cartridges.

Energy Saving Electronics

It’s beneficial to use energy saving electronics, but you must make sure that they are turned off when the office closes. For instance, computers can be set to go into sleep mode when not touched for a 20 minutes. Timers can be installed on overhead lighting to prevent empty rooms from being lit unnecessarily. All electronic gadgets must be completely shut down to save electricity. Using energy efficient light bulbs around the office is a good idea, as well.

Office Supplies

Try and buy eco-friendly office supplies as much as possible. Almost all retailers these days stock green options for regular office products which includes items made from recycled materials as well as those that require less chemicals to be produced. A lot of these items can be reused constantly.

Using Public Transportation

Employees should be encouraged to use eco-friendly transportation. There must be some incentive for all employees who ride their bikes, carpool or use the public transport system to reach the office. A 10-minute grace period could be one; gift card drawings could be another. Carpooling is another idea that is not only good for the environment but also improves worker relationships and employee morale.

Limit the Use of Air Conditioners and Heating Devices

Use air conditioners and heating devices sensibly. During the summer, keep the temperature no lower than 72 degrees and during winters keep the temperature no higher than 76 degrees.

Use Only Eco-Friendly Products for Cleaning the Office

Use eco-friendly products for cleaning the office. Cleaning agents and room fresheners are used to release a lot of toxins. There are many brands that offer herbal or organic cleaning agents at affordable prices.

Have Healthy Snacking Options

One easy way to start is to replace normal coffee with an organic brand or shade grown coffee. In fact, you can even buy coffee directly from the farmers where shade grown coffee is cultivated under the shades of canopy trees. Therefore, trees are not cut down for coffee beans to grow. Organic coffee is also grown without any application of toxic pesticides.

Use Washable Utensils

Use washable utensils instead of disposable paper cups and plates. Encourage employees to bring in sack lunches or meals from home. This saves the company money and space.

Green Plants

Let every employee have a small little pot on his or her workstation. Plant indoor palms and bamboos to make your office look green and have an element of nature.

Green Committee

Assign a green team at work. These members will be responsible for innovative ideas and plan activities to spread awareness. Employees can even be rewarded for making an effort, like extra organic coffee or any extra vacation day.

Creating an eco- friendly workspace can not only prove to be cost effective but can improve your company’s image in public and attract customers who are eco-conscious.