There is nothing worse than going into the kitchen and find the cloths we use to wash dishes and clean the dirty inn and smelly. As it is not always a matter of walking, throwing away things we already believe do not work and have to buy new ones, I want to show how to keep cloths clean kitchen and thus not having to spend money on buying new. Both tea towels and cloths accumulate dirt, bacteria and odors. Proper cleaning is recommended to show off not only clean, but also to eliminate microorganisms in depth all who stay with them from food remains.

With Borax

To remove dirt from your kitchen cloths, you will need equal parts of borax and baking soda in addition to your usual detergent or soap powder. Start by placing the cloth in the washer and place the baking soda and borax also there. Then put the detergent or soap powder as you always do and proceeds to turn the washing machine to do all the complete wash.

With Vinegar

To keep your pores clean, you will need white vinegar or sodium bicarbonate laundry detergent. Begins to fill the washing machine , with all the dirty wash cloths you want and add the laundry detergent. In addition, add a cup of white vinegar or failing baking soda. When the washer is filled with water, with all the components you added it, turn it off and leave it for an hour for baking or vinegar work and to remove stubborn dirt. After that period of time, then restarts washing until the cycle ends.

With Bleach

Use small amounts of bleach will not harm at all your kitchen cloths, by contrast, deodorize and remove them all bacteria responsible for bad odor. If you want, you can put some chlorine in a bucket of water and introduce your cloths there, leave an hour soak and then rinse them by hand. But what you can do is fill the washer with water and soap or detergent washing powder and add two or three tablespoons of bleach. Let the washing machine wash cycle begins and shake a few times, the water and stop her. Please allow a few minutes to soak well and then the cycle continues as usual.