Every man wants to be able to handle most home improvement projects himself with ease, and this means that they need to have on hand some micro tools to get the projects done. With a well-equipped toolbox, you have all the help you need to do both minor and major home improvements. A man can get all he needs at a store known to offer long-lasting micro tools from a company such as Richards Micro-Tools. Micro-tools include nothing more than the standard items, which are not that expensive. When you buy the tools, you start by buying the most basic tools; the tools that you need to have on hand primarily. Take for example a screwdriver and a wrench. Things that can help you fix the most basic home improvement projects like fixing a frame. Here are 5 of the most important tools a man needs to have:

Electric Drill

Most handy people will surely need a drill, and it ends up being indispensable. A cordless drill is a good option because it is convenient to work with anywhere. It also comes in handy when you need to screw something in place or remove screws.

5 Things Every Man Needs To Complete His Home Improvement Projects With Perfection

Adjustable Wrench

Having a crescent wrench will take the place of multiple wrenches. It is used for tightening bolts and nuts as well as loose plumbing fixtures, which are some of the things that most men frequently find in the house.

Claw Hammer

Your toolbox will be incomplete if you are missing a hammer for banging nails into things as well as removing them. Look for one with a vinyl handle to provide shock absorption.

Tape Measure

The “measure twice cut once” saying applies here. You need to have this tool on hand to help get the dimensions on furniture room expansions and so on.


This one is another multipurpose tool. With a hacksaw, you can cut plastic pipes, metal as well as wood, and you can easily replace the blades, which are again readily available.

These things will come in handy to every man anytime there is a home improvement project from plumbing to building a shoe rack. And by buying high-quality durable products, your toolbox will always have the things you need, and you won’t have to run to the store looking for the right tool. Look for tools with features, such as stainless steel, vinyl-coated, etc.