Your home foundation failing can be an expensive and troublesome problem. While a foundation failure is not the end of the world, it can be a harbinger of bigger problems later on. If the worst turns out to be true and your foundation needs to be repaired it can cost you big bucks. Luckily, with some training and a good eye, it is possible to intercept these small issues before they develop into major problems. Oftentimes the issues will show themselves in different areas in and around your home. Here are 5 of the signs you need major foundation repair.


Crack in the Base of the Foundation

The first thing to check for is cracks in the foundation itself. This is the strongest part of your support structure and should be absolutely free of any cracks or major chips. Any ruptures or other disruptions like mold or spider web cracks should be examined thoroughly by a professional. This is about as close to worst case scenario that you can get to for a foundation.


Water Damage/Shifted Soil

In the area where the foundation meets the dirt, the soil should look natural. If you notice that the soil is heavily impacted, or is leeching water into the foundation, you may have an issue. This is another problem that shows you may need immediate major foundation repairs and waterproofing.


Warped Ceilings/Sagging Floors

If an area of your home is sagging into the ground, or the ceiling seems to be shifting, this may be indicative of a problem with your foundation. When your foundation subsides, it can cause these areas to move and change position. This can pose extreme health hazards due to collapsing structures so be careful and call an expert.


Buckling Walls

Whenever you notice that walls in and around your home are starting to buckle under the pressure of the roof you must get your foundation checked and likely repaired. If the problem is with your foundation the walls will be buckling not from the weight of the roof- but from the soil underneath your home no longer being able to carry your home.


Repairing the foundation of your home can be incredibly costly, time-consuming, and generally just a pain. Unlike other home repair issues it cannot be put off. If there are any issues with the foundation in your home you and your family could be at serious risk for injury or even death. If you notice any of these signs be sure to consult with an expert immediately.