Preparing for GRE gets done half at home and half at the coaching centre. To be sure that you get the best coaching, you must select well. The easy way to select the best coaching centre is to find one that has 20 years’ experience. Or, has the most number of students with 1450+ SAT scores and 700+ GMAT scores.

Check the Options in Coaching

Knowing that the coaching centre has the skill and experience gives you the confidence you need to get going. There are many GRE coaching centres in Bangalore so you have plenty of choices. Check whether they offer different types of coaching such as classroom tuition, live classes, online tutorials, and private tutoring. Then, you have the freedom to choose the one that suits your lifestyle.

Most of the successful candidates begin preparing for GRE one or two years before. The more you become familiar with the topics, the faster you will be able to answer them. The only thing to watch out for is that you cover all the topics in time. So, beginning early helps you a lot. The other thing to do is to talk to your seniors especially those who appeared and got through GRE to find out how to tackle the test.

Details of the Test

The test consists of three sections and you can take the test 5 times a year with a gap of at least 21 days between attempts. The test is for 3 hours 45 minutes. You can score at most 340. If you choose an institute for GRE prep Bangalore that has the most number of students in India with 325+ score in GRE, you can be sure to get good coaching and results.

The first section of the test is Analytical Writing. Here you have two parts. One is that you Analyse an Issue. The other is that you Analyse an Argument. You have 30 minutes to do each task. The second part is Verbal Reasoning. It has 20 questions and you have 30 minutes to answer all the questions. The test is computer generated so no two students will receive the same questions.

Unscored Sections in the End

The third is the Quantitative Reasoning section. This again has 20 questions and you will have 35 minutes to answer the questions. You will get an unscored section after Analytical Writing. But, this is not counted toward your GRE score. You might have an unscored research section. This is always given at the end of the test.

The thing for you to do now is to choose the study plan. This must set aside enough time for revision and for coaching classes. The coaching classes tell you how the other students are faring. It shows you how to prepare those tough questions that you might find difficult to handle alone. Also, it gives you a choice of different types of study options as mentioned above. But, this depends on the institute where you take coaching.

Start early is the winning motto for all those who prepare for GRE. Remember, both science and engineering graduates will take this exam, so there will be plenty of competition.