Moving house or investing in an extension are not always options when you have outgrown your home. This article looks at home improvements you can undertake that will create more space at a fraction of the cost.

Even with the best of intentions most of us continue to acquire more belongings and changes in circumstances, such as the birth of children, can also mean that what was once a spacious home is now a claustrophobic space where there is no room to swing the proverbial cat. So what do you do if you can’t afford to move or extend?

Create A Garden Room
Whilst the British weather is never guaranteed, having the option to easily extend your home into the garden when possible can be handy, particularly if you have kids. If you are able to, invest in patio doors that open out onto a decked area with all-weather furniture. Use a portable BBQ to create a leisurely lunch or dinner and invest in a patio heater to extend the usage you can get from your garden room.
Invest In A Log Cabin
If you have more capital to invest then you could consider building a log cabin. Cheaper than an extension, a log cabin can be insulated so that it can be used all year round. Most don’t require planning permission although you will need a level base upon which to erect it. A log cabin can have many uses as a playroom, a den for teenagers or even an office. If you have a large garden a cabin can be the perfect place to escape to. Take a bottle of wine, portable BBQ and deck chair and you can even pretend you are on holiday.

Use Your Rooms Flexibly
If you are looking to create more space on a budget think about how you use your existing rooms and whether there is a better way of doing so. If you have a dining room that is seldom used and a kitchen that will fit a table and chairs then why not use the dining room as a second reception room or play room? If your master bedroom is much bigger than your living room then who’s to say you can’t swap them around?

You might also find you can create more space by having a ruthless decluttering session. Try and be realistic about what you do use, are likely to use and those things you are keeping “just in case”. Give surplus belongings to charity, free cycle them or sell them on ebay. Invest in good quality storage and tidy things away. It is amazing the difference it will make.

Many of us crave more living space. By thinking creatively, making the most of your existing home and getting more from your garden it is possible to expand your living space and, once you have done so, you may find you no longer feel the urge to move or extend.

Idania writes about home improvements for a range of websites and blogs. She has recently been researching ways of maximising space in a home by being creative and using equipment such as that found when you visit this page.