Article writing is one of the most common academic tasks. Unfortunately, for the majority of students, it is also one of the most complicated assignments. In order to provide a high-quality article, one has to find relevant literature, to read a lot of material, maybe even to conduct a research, and of course, to write interesting and concise content. Needless to say, this is not an easy task. This is why a large number of students decide to find online article writing help. Although this indeed is a very efficient solution, students should be aware that there are tips, methods, and techniques that they can use in order to improve their article writing. In the text below, some of these tips will be listed and elaborated.

  • Choose the right topic

This is the first and maybe the most important step, as it has an influence on all of the next stages. A student should choose the topic that he is interested in, as this way he will be more motivated and thus, will invest more time and effort in his writing. Besides this, a particular topic should also be at least fairly investigated, so that he could find the literature and all of the information he needs.

  • Organize the paper

Before the actual process of writing takes place, one should plan the whole paper in details. Not only that he should know precisely what he will write about, but he should also divide his paper into headings and subheadings and plan the content of each section. This way he will elaborate the topic more successfully and won’t lose the focus from the topic.

  • Use only reliable resources

Every article should be based on the relevant literature. This means that for every data or a claim, its recourse has to be mentioned. Some students make mistake by quoting unreliable resources, such as some popular magazine or Wikipedia. This should never be done, as serious articles always use data from scientific papers, published in a reputable journal or magazine.

  • Keep it simple

A lot of students believe that they should use complicated words and complex sentences in order to make a good impression. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. People often try to hide their lack of knowledge by using complicated terminology; as Albert Einstein said: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” This is why students should be concise and not try to unnecessary complicate their paper.

  • Grammar and spelling

This technical aspect is often overlooked, despite the fact that the grammar and spelling are very important parts of every article. Mistakes in this domain can significantly diminish the quality of the paper (and thus the grade), so students should pay special attention to this domain. There are great online free applications that can be very useful for finding and correcting grammar and spelling mistakes, such as Grammarly.

  • Read it

One of the most important rules that students should remember is that they should never submit the first version of the paper. It is crucial to read it carefully at least once, as there are probably some mistakes and imperfections that haven’t been noticed, such as omitting a paragraph, using a particular word too many times, repeating the same sentence twice, etc… The only way to mention these mistakes is to read the paper.

  • Focus

While writing, students should get rid of all of the distracters – turn off the TV, put the mobile on the silent mode, turn of wifi connection, etc… The problem is that sometimes students are not even aware that all of these distractors are interfering with the writing process. This is why they should be proactive and ensure circumstances in which they will be able to focus on their writing.

  • Find a writing place

A student should find a peaceful and a quiet place and make it his “writing place”, so whenever he has to write an article he should do it there. After a few repetitions, he will be focused and ready to write as soon as he sits in this place.

  • Take mini-breaks

No one should expect to write the whole article “in one breathe”, as it is almost impossible to provide good content this way. It is advised to make frequent and short breaks, whenever one feels that he is starting to lose his focus and concentration.

  • Don’t force it

Students should remember that trying to force oneself to write is not a very good idea as it is rarely effective, especially when it comes to providing a creative content. If one is not in the mood for writing, the best advice is to postpone it for a while. He can spend this time by taking a walk for example, and thinking about his article; this can often result in coming up with interesting ideas and solutions.

All of these tips have been proven as successful ones, so students should do their best to apply it to their writing. Very soon, they will notice that these tips are useful and that their writing has been improved.