In today’s competitive job market, one can only assume that having a college degree will give you something of an edge when trying to get a high-paying job. But is this really true? There have been many instances where people have started or inherited businesses instead of going to college and are thriving today without a college degree. Of course starting a business isn’t for everyone, but it does however prove that you can get on just fine without bankrupting yourself to spend four long years trying to obtain a college degree.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, Veterinary Technicians, Medical Assistants and Dental Assistants are few fast growingand high paying medical careers in the U.S. today and I am here to tell you that you can land any of these jobs without a college degree.

Veterinary Technician

If you are fond of animals, perhaps a Veterinary Technician career may be right for you. A Veterinary Technician performs tests and scans on injured animals under the supervision of a licensed Veterinarian. As a Veterinary Technician you would be able to help with the diagnosis of a sick animal. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the annual average income of a Veterinary Technician is a little over $30,000. Of course this figure will change based on who your employer is.

Dental Assistant

A dental assistant performs a lot of tasks similar to a dentist or an orthodontist. Their primary jobs include preparing patients for procedures, taking samples, running tests and keeping a record of patient history. Any procedure performed by a dental assistant on a patient is supervised by a licensed dentist. On an average, a dental assistant would make $34,500 a year. In some cases this figure will vary depending on where you are employed. The growth of a Dental Assistant careeris 25% which is much faster than average (and most other careers) according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Medical Assistant

Another fast growing career in the U.S. today is that of a Medical Assistant. Medical assistants work mainly in private clinics and take on administrative roles like taking appointments, keeping a record of patient history etc. The job of a medical assistant involves a combination of administrative skills and medical know-how. Duties of a medical assistant vary from office to office but mostly include coding and filling out insurance forms, explaining treatment procedures to patients, taking fluid samples and administering medication prescribed by the physician.

Medical assistants make a little over $29,000 a year. A medical assistant career is currently growing at 29% which is also believed to be much faster than average.

All of the above mentioned careers do not necessarily require college degrees. Here at YTI we offer short and highly specialized courses for all three careers. For detailed information about each course, visit If high paying medical careers are not your area of interest you will also find more information on high paying careers without a degree on our home page.