PowerPoint presentations are in reality for every business currently. Separately from handling in large companies slide presentations are too widespread for customers, clienteles, colleges, schools etc. From many years building of slide presentations is identical with Microsoft PowerPoint so it was better known with the name of “PowerPoint presentation”. This application is incorporated with each of the versions of Microsoft Office and has adequate characteristics which perform marvelous every kind of presentation you would like to make.

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Presently in view of the fact that many options for all the applications are there so this is true for the Microsoft PowerPoint application also, these options have appeared in the use and it is advisable to make use of any of the alternatives. Utilizing any of the application pedestals on the Cloud has the benefit of carrying your information securely; even in the case you by mistake remove it when you were offline. This interchange gives you practically the identical efficiency to Microsoft PowerPoint; several characteristics may be inserted or removed.


It splits separately the customary slide loom of presentations and offers you a massive whiteboard, which enclose your whole slide presentations. As an alternative of analysis of your presentation slide wise, you can simply zoom the definite fractions of your presentation, which makes an extra pleasing course-plotting.


It is a joint application in the company of corresponding to pleasant UI of Microsoft PowerPoint application. The slides you prepare all the way through this application can be stated and asked of them and it can be responded in immediately there only. It has incorporated with other service providers like Google Docs and Flickr for the effortlessly dragging of live information.

280 Slides:

It is one of the web applications which give you a sense of using like it from your desktop and has one of the unsurpassed UI accessible for this type of application. This application is fewer in relation to cooperate with each other on presentations and additionally concerning to allocating it with everyone. It allows you to bring in and send out the documents with back and forth facility from PowerPoint and this is free of cost to use.

Zoho Show:

It is an extremely well-liked Indian application which is established as Zoho, which has a presentation application with the name of Zoho Show. Separately from the amalgamation of the customary characteristics like various other applications, it proffers the feature of live audio converse with the presenters. It allows you to bring in the presentations from Open Office and Microsoft PowerPoint but it does not provide the to and fro option.

Google Docs Presentation:

It appears to be a basic replica of Microsoft PowerPoint however for the reason that of its tense incorporation among the various additional Google facilities. Due to this it is considered as the best selection amongst others. It holds every fundamental characteristic of Microsoft PowerPoint nevertheless it is short of the complete display view characteristic. For introduction of complete screen view, they introduce new-fangled window browser with no keys and toolbars.

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