General vacuum forming is the process of heating plastic to create unique shapes.

Regardless of what industry you work in, Talbot Designs can help you to create a detailed finish to all your products. Not only will vacuum forming allow you to define your products, it will also provide them with a more specific purpose.

There are countless advantages to using custom vacuum forming, and here are just a few reasons why you should…

Manufacturing process.

When it comes to vacuum forming, you want to achieve the best results. The team at Talbot Designs create only the highest quality designs, ensuring that they’re tailored to the specific needs and requirements of your industry.

The products will be moulded into shapes using the controlled vacuum forming machine, so you needn’t worry about your products not being precise and neat.

Custom vacuum forming will allow you to mould plastic into a wide range of shapes to meet exact standards.

High quality.

If finding the suitable products has proven difficult in the past, however, this needn’t be the case anymore!

Talbot Designs monitor the manufacturing process of vacuum forming in-house, making sure that safety procedures are carried out responsibly. If you require recommendations for the best shapes and sizes for custom vacuum forming, feel free to speak to the experts, simply call 020 8346 8515!

The experts at Talbot Designs will use the state of the art vacuum forming machinery to create your designs, ensuring that your products are useful and suitable for the application they’re required for. In addition to this, general vacuum forming will allow you to incorporate high-definition to your products, making them more detailed and professional!


Finding products that are productive has never been easier. Custom vacuum forming is flexible towards your individual needs, allowing you to create a bespoke design.

With the help of Talbot Designs, you’re bound to find a complete solution for your industry, creating products that are unique to your brand.


General Vacuum forming is simple. Not only is it inexpensive, it’s ideal if you’re looking for exceptional value for money!

Choosing Talbot Designs will enable you to take advantage of the low-cost tooling to create custom designs. Vacuum forming can make your business more visually enhancing so why not manufacture something stylish and sophisticated today?You can count on Talbot Designs to provide you with an ideal solution, one that’s affordable.

Finishing touches.

Custom vacuum forming is ideal for moulding plastics into a variety of shapes, creating the most creative designs. If you want to add detail to it, you’re in capable hands with Talbot Designs; they offer a choice of finishes to ensure your products look exactly as you imagined. The modern trimming band saws can be used to complete the moulded plastic, providing you with a professional finish.

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