Riding a motorcycle in all types of weather is part of a rite of passage undertaken by the majority of riders when they decide to purchase a motorcycle. The problem many riders face, when cold weather and slippery conditions arrive, is being fully prepared, thus leading to accidents. Here are four tips for riding your motorcycle in the wintertime.

Make Sure the Rider Is Prepared

The first step in being prepared for the difficult conditions of winter is to ensure the rider is prepared to face cold, often wet conditions. The State of Indiana reports the level of fatigue felt by a rider is far higher during winter months than that seen during warmer months. Most riders understand the need for layering their clothing to halt the issue of cold and dampness, including the need for a moisture-wicking base layer. Many riders choose a waterproof layer made of a high-quality textile instead of a leather jacket, which can become cold and stiff in freezing conditions.

Modify for the Warmer Months

Where the majority of riders simply look at how they prepare themselves for the wintry weather, others look to the setup of their machine to help in protecting themselves from the conditions. Modifications which can be made to a motorcycle include a larger windshield and oversized handgrips to provide protection from the wind, rain, and snow. Although these modifications may alter the appearance of a motorcycle, experienced riders understand these changes are vital if long riding times are to be seen in the winter months.

Increase Following Distances

The distance a rider follows another vehicle should always be adjusted to suit the conditions being faced. One of the main problems facing riders is an inability to stop when the road is slippery and wet, with the tires failing to warm as quickly as is usual. One tip many experienced riders share with their novice fellow motorcycle enthusiasts is to accelerate quickly before decelerating to warm tires to make them safer for riding.

Keep an Eye on the Forecast

Experienced riders will always tell the counterparts that snow is a real and imminent danger for anybody on two wheels. If major snow is in the forecast, it’s probably best to keep the bike at home and choose to travel in another way to remain safe. Knowing when major snow is expected is important and should be part of the daily routine of every rider in the winter.

Wintry conditions are particularly dangerous for motorcycle riders who face problems with slippery conditions, causing problems in almost every aspect of staying safe in the roads. Staying aware of the conditions expected and spending a little extra time preparing will reap their own rewards. If you find yourself in an accident, don’t hesitate to contact a motorcycle accident attorney.