Flowers are one of the very important items for wedding around the world. They simply symbolize love and affection with beauty. They determine the color and tone of a wedding and also represent bride and groom’s personal taste. Truthfully, any wedding can not be completed without a splendid display of flowers. Thus, selection of specific flowers can be a difficult choice as the rare amount of flowers are available in particular season.

Shortage of available flowers can overwhelm your choices. Also, most brides don’t have even simple knowledge of different options of flowers available. So if you are lacking knowledge, then don’t attempt to choose any wrong & unsuitable flowers. Consult the best florist who’ll give you proper knowledge on different flowers creation. After reading this, you can easily choose best luxury flowers in london. This article comes up with the suggestions to guide you on choosing flowers for your big day.

3 Simple Steps To Follow While Selecting Your Wedding Flowers

  1. Choose Flowers That Have Sentimental Meaning : This idea gives you a hint in the selection process. You can choose a sentimental bloom that reminds you of your special one or honor someone who can not come in your wedding occasion with labelling pin or broach on your wedding bouquet. Select flowers which have deep meaning and can transform your wedding day to be an extraordinary. If there is a specific fragrance that reminds you of someone very special, then suggest your florist to incorporate it into your bouquet or flower piece.

  1. Select Some Must-Have Flowers and splurge : Another way to choose flowers in your wedding is, select some must-have flower categories and then suggest your florist to supplement them into your flower creation. Also, selection of flowers depends on the season that you have planned to get married. Like for example, if a bride wants peonies in her wedding bouquet but during that season, peonies are hard to even see or if you’ll find some then they are very expensive. So in this case, I personally don’t want to disappoint lovely brides. So, here is a suggestion to satisfy yourself by including them in your bouquet and end up with a small amount of them into bridesmaids bouquets. Suggest yourself by consulting florist to decide where to splurge on your must-have flowers.

  1. Select Seasonal Or Local Blooms : Selecting seasonal flowers is always recommended. One of the most important benefits of choosing seasonal flowers is, they offer the best quality which is better than out-of-season flowers and also are budget-friendly. Choosing local blooms is also best because the quality is priceless. If you want to go for seasonal flowers, you’ll get too much flower options to choose for your wedding day. However, if you choose to primarily select your flowers like this, it’s important to pre-plan yourself by knowing which flowers are in-season. If you are planning for spring flowers like sweet peas or peonies, then you should plan your wedding in May or November.

A Small & Sweet Summary On Seasonal Flowers

Seasonal flowers are ideal for using wedding decorations. Though, they are budget-friendly and rich in quality.

Winter : hypericum, French tulip, amaryllis, protea

Spring : tulip, daffodils, peony, sweet pea, lily of the valley, lilac

Summer : sunflower, cosmos, cornflower, hydrangea, tuberose

Fall : dahlia, calla lily, mum, bittersweet

Final Tip :

Most brides feel stress on what to choose and from where to buy flowers on their wedding but I am pretty much sure that after reading this guest post, you’ll be prompt in your decision of choosing flowers and feel relieved enjoying your wedding. Flowers are an integral part of wedding decoration. So, choose wisely as it is going to reflect your status. Make a good choice and have amazing flower experience!