If you have eaten a lot of pizzas in different restaurants, you could be eager to make one at home. This is a good enough reason for your buy a countertop oven, but there are other benefits as well. With the countertop oven, you can experiment with your own recipe. As an example, you can remove ingredients that you typically don’t like. You may also add new ingredients that can make your pizza different than the typical offering. Not many people would add sweet corn and bits of grilled artichoke to their pizza, but you may want to have them. You may also high-fat offering that you want to avoid, such as sausage and various meat products. If you want, you can also make your seafood pizza, which is hated by many, but could be much healthier than your average pizza option. One clear benefit of cooking your own meal is having the ability to make a healthy recipe. The rustic, wood-fired pizza in Italy is typically known as healthy options, but regular pizza that we find in the restaurant is often considered as unhealthy.

By making your own pizza, you can keep it low in calories, salt, cholesterol and fat. You should also be able to avoid using ingredients that may contain artificial flavoring and preservatives; instead you can choose only fresh ingredients. For true pizza lovers, making their own pizza should be a wonderful proposition. You should also be able to impress family and friends with your unique recipe and it’s relatively easy to prepare satisfying platters of pizza. The process should be quite simple to do. If a teenage part-time worker can make your pizza in less than 5 minutes, you should also be able to do the same or even better.

The countertop pizza could also become the center of attraction during party or gathering. There could be options of ingredients that people can choose and they wait for a while in front of the oven. The gathering could also become more fun if they make and bake their own pizza. The countertop pizza should become an excellent icebreaker and great conversation starter. The oven could also be used to make other baked products, such as stuffed bread, puddings, cakes and pies. It means that you can also cook tasty apple pie and perhaps make an experiment with it by using pineapple or mangoes as alternatives.

Cakes can also be made at home and with all the ingredients that you can choose, you should be able to save money. Not only that you can choose affordable ingredients; you should also know that restaurants are looking for profits; so you can guarantee that the pizza you purchase in the restaurant is more expensive than it should.  With the oven, you should also be able to earn extra money. You can distribute brochures around in the neighbourhood and ask your child to bring the pizza to the buyer, which can help you to earn money more easily.