Without doubt, social media is an essential part of modern life. Many people are active with their Twitter and Facebook accounts. The ubiquitous mobile devices have made the use of social media even easier. In general, information can be obtained very easily. Social media is obviously a natural fit in the world of sports. This should be a great way to connect with fans and other sports professionals. If people want to get information, they can often obtain latest updates more easily compared to standard news publications. Sports teams, amateur and professional should be able to benefit from the use of social media.

The advance of latest technology will allow sports professionals to bring games to the masses. When the sports events are not broadcasted live in TV, fans could check their mobile devices to read latest updates in Twitter and obtain short clips that are recently recorded in YouTube. As the sports events take place, fans could feel that they are already a part of the action. Social media should allow this to happen easily. However, sports team may need a designated professional who knows how to use social media to the fullest. Tweets should be sent quickly, photos can be posted in Facebook and videos can be uploaded instantly in YouTube.

We could start with Facebook and it is a website service that’s easy to use. People of any age would love to participate in Facebook. We should create a fanpage for our sports team. Once the page is created, we should make sure that people would click the “Like” icon. Soon, many people will start to follow our Facebook page. However, it is important not to overdo it. If we act spammy, it is possible that people will block our newsfeed updates. It means that important information, such as upcoming games and recent scores will be ignored. We should include a link to the team’s official website.

Twitter is the next website that we should use. We should ask all players to have Twitter account and we should make sure that everyone in the team is following one another to ensure a dynamic Twitter community. Fans can be kept informed about upcoming games. Twitter is an excellent platform to get people excited about our sports performance. We could add in-game pictures in Twitter and this can be performed easily using Twitter app for mobile devices. We could take photos with the phone’s camera and immediately send the pictures to our Twitter account.

YouTube is another important social media website and it recommended to upload many videos of our team. It is also a good idea to upload interviews of the sports players. Videos can be interlinked to Facebook and Twitter to improve exposure. Clips should be kept short so people will want more. People don’t want to watch a 15-minute video, unless it is incredibly interesting. People want to get quick information about the world of sports and we should deliver what they want.