There are many reasons that make people go travelling. Some people travel for business reasons. Some people go into a travelling to visit their relatives. Some other do not have certain reasons of why they go travelling.

Why do you travel? If you are like me who go travelling without any specific reasons, travelling is a form of escapism. By going to new places, you open up your mind about the world. It makes you feel relaxed and happy. Yes, travelling makes you happy.

Do you admit that travelling makes you happy? Many people take travelling as their hobby because they find travelling interesting for them. They find that travelling makes them happy. So, I think deep down you also admit that travelling makes you happy.

Why Travelling Makes You Happy

Do you know why travelling makes you happy? Here are several reasons why I think travelling makes me happy.

Me Time

I am the kind of lone traveller. I mean, I love it when I go to some new places with my friends, but most of the time, I am fine to go travelling by myself. Travelling really gives me my own me time. Travelling gives me a new space to actually breathe when I got my days full-booked by my daily routine at work. Going to new places when travelling gives me my own freedom and peace out of myself, so that I can feel relieved from the stresses and toxins within my body. I think that is one of the reasons why travelling makes me happy. Do you agree with me?

New Memorable Moments

When I am travelling, I know I have a lot of favourite places that I visit again and again. But I also go to new destination places when I am travelling. Sometimes, when I go to the same place that I have visited, I tried to explore the place so I find a new spot or a new thing that I have not known before. This is, for me, the truest thing about travelling. These new places create new memorable moments, at least for you to take picture of yourself there. Exploring new places give you many new experiences, especially when you do it with your friends. These new experiences worth memorising, so you will always have things to talk about when you are in a conversation with someone.

Learn New Things

I think another reason why travelling makes you happy is that I can learn new things. Seriously, there are many, many things that you can learn when you go travelling. You can learn about the culture of the places you go. You can learn to cook local cuisines. You can even learn new languages when you go travelling. People say, “learning by doing”, then travelling is a new form of learning by doing. By actually experiencing new things, you teach yourself about new things and information that may be worth knowing and helping you in the future. And learning these new things is undoubtedly making me truly happy for being a traveller.