Everyone knows very well Bangkok is one of the destinations to go if you want to party in the city’s buzzing nightlife. With all the bars, clubs, pubs, and entertainment information circulating the web, people have often asked what to do after the clubs close (as most places do close quite early, midnight or at 2am). If you happen to have a nasty hangover, home is the place to be. However, for some, they usually get hungry after a night of dancing and grooving to the loud beats. If you don’t feel like going home just yet, here are top 5 late night eats not to be missed in Bangkok. Might as well go home on a full stomach, no?

Street Food on Sukhumvit Soi 38

Well known to the locals as the soi (small street) to go after a late night, Sukhumvitsoi 38 is jammed packed with various different road side stalls. It’s only 10 second or 10 steps away from the Thonglor BTS Skytrain station and trust me, it’s really easy to get to these delicious street stalls.

The soi is filled with cheap, flavorful food that arrives quite quickly upon ordering. This is a great place to initiate yourself with Thai food. With a myriad of stalls at your disposal, you can seriously try out satay, Hainan chicken, Massaman curry, red pork on rice, roasted duck on rice, noodles and much more.Unlike most street food, the stalls here are generally very clean and now are more used to receiving foreign diners. The convenience of these stalls is its service. You can order from one stall and be seated in another. They would go out of their way to serve you, regardless. Friendly and purely efficient, these streets stalls should not be missed after a night of hardcore partying.

Thip Samai

You don’t have to do your research to know that one of Thailand’s most popular dishes (in Western countries), is Phad Thai or Pad Thai. So why not head over to Thip Samai after a late night of partying?

Top Late Night Eats In Bangkok

Located on Maha Chai Road, this restaurant instantly became famous because of the quality of its ingredients, especially its sizzling flavors. A single dish is priced at 70 Thai Baht and served wrapped in an egg and shrimps. Another thing you don’t see often is that this restaurant still uses a charcoal fire to fry thePhad Thai. This is not commonly seen in Bangkok. For the record, there’s a wide variety of Pad Thai you can order at Thip Samai. It’s recommended to try out which flavor suits you best to discover the diversity of Pad Thai flavors in Bangkok.

Go Ang – Pratunam Chicken Rice

All dressed in pink polo shirts, this late night eat near Pratunam is certainly hard to miss. Located conveniently around major shopping malls, this roadside, non-air conditioned stall is one of the top local destinations to eat at.

The restaurant is famous for its Thai styled chicken rice, served with a hot bowl of chicken soup. The rice is cooked using chicken oil and juicy sliced chicken slices served with a small chili dipping sauce. The price of a single plate of chicken rice is in the range of 40-60 Thai Baht and only 10 minutes away from Mercure Bangkok Siam.

KhaoSarn Road

Also known as the ‘backpackers world’, KhaoSarn is not only famous for its budget guesthouses and bars, it’s also well known for the road side food you can get here. Every cab driver in Bangkok knows this place, so it’s relatively easy to get to.

KhaoSarn road is packed with restaurants and road-side food hawkers where you can get food for as cheap as 20-30 Thai Baht.Dishes for less than $1? Count me in!

To be quiet honest, these are some of the top late night eats in Bangkok without stepping foot into a restaurant. The food is affordable and delicious, what more could you possibly ask for? As a concluding comment: If you wish to eat at these places, expect these places to be open roughly around 6PM to 2AM daily.