For anyone looking to go on a barge holiday, France is the perfect place, with plenty of holidays to choose from. The man-made Canal Du Midi is one of the best places to appreciate the natural beauty that has been integrated into the waterway by architect Pierre Paul Riquet. This three hundred and sixty kilometre canal stretches from the edge of the Mediterranean to the Atlantic, offering miles of waterways to explore for anyone on a barge holiday. France is famous for its natural beauty and the UNESCO recognised area that the Canal du Midi runs through is no exception.


Built at the height of the Industrial Revolution, this canal was to be France’s crowning achievement of the 17th century. Riquet was very careful in his construction of the canal and aimed to integrate the natural beauty of the surrounding area into the design. One can see how all of the bridges and tunnel entrances complement the surrounding trees and rolling hills. The discreet simplicity of the design was meant to add to the natural perspective and ensure that it would not distract from it. In many pictures of the canal, the waterway is featured with the trees forming a canopy above. This is the kind of idyllic scene that you have the opportunity to experience in a boat ride down the canal.

If you are looking for a barge holiday, France is the perfect place. The Canal du Midi is renowned for its innovation in engineering during the Industrial Revolution, when it was built. It is also divided up into five different sections so you can travel down the whole canal or indeed just one section. Each part along the canal has traditional villages, charming restaurants and welcoming people that contribute to the allure of the area.

At the end of the canal is the area of Agde. This is the crown jewel of this whole waterway. The path that leads up to this area is filled with three hundred and twenty eight locks, aqueducts, bridges and spillways, all of which paint a surreal picture for those people enjoying a barge holiday. France will always be a site of natural beauty, but the Canal du Midi is definitely one of the best destinations in the whole country. Be sure not to miss this utopia.