Unlocked phones are a boon for the users as they give freedom to the users to change the service providers as and when they want. Unlocked phones have a lot of benefits too. In this post, I am going to give an overview on how to unlock iPhone 6 plus and why to unlock it.

There are three ways to unlock iPhone 6 plus. The first method is software unlocking. Software unlocking is a method by which you download software, which changes the internal configuration of your phone. It allows you to make calls using any carrier. It sounds very easy but there are chances of your phone getting hacked. This is because a loophole in software might crash the whole system and your phone won’t work properly. This option is not advisable.

The second method is hardware unlocking. In this method, you have to alter the physical hardware of your phone which will enable you to redirect the calls through an alternate path which will allow you to use the sim card of a different carrier. This may also seem simple but is a dangerous work because you have to illegally get into your device and alter the physical hardware. This isn’t a safe method at all and hence cannot be used.

The third method is the IMEI unlocking. This is the safest of all. This method can be implied very easily without getting into trouble. Every iPhone 6 has its own IMEI number. This is stored in the Apple’s database. The details of your phone are stored here. In IMEI unlocking, someone has the access to IMEI database who can unlock your phone. In this method, there is no need to do any physical work or download software. All you need to do is change your status from locked to unlocked and be free from bondage.

Now, the question would be why you should unlock your phone. So, the answer would be that it has many benefits. The first would be to use any network.  This is because once your phone is unlocked; you don’t have to stay with the same carrier. You can switch to cheaper and better options available in the market. When you get a locked phone with a heavy discount, you have to sign a contract with the career. And you cannot breach the contract as that will be considered as illegal. Hence, unlocked phones don’t have any such contract, and you can easily switch from one network provider to other. If you travel a lot and go abroad, the unlocked phones are a boon for you. This is because you can swap your sim card with the local one which will be cheaper. You don’t have to worry about unexpected charges and can save up on that. This will enable you to use your phone without any restrictions.

Hence, if you want to enjoy the freedom of using the phone then get your phone unlocked. So, what are you waiting for? Just unlock your phone today and use your phone without any restrictions.