There are several phablets available in the market and if we consider the best one then we have two names in front. One is Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and another one is iPhone 6 Plus. However, Note 4 is leading.

The Galaxy Note 4 is powered 2K-resolution display. With viewing angles Samsung Galaxy Note 4 display is excellent and allow you to use the phone in any possible position. Although the brightness of the screen is tilted slightly down, and when tilted at a certain angle from the image sometimes appears strange green tint.

Smartphone provided the fastest processor of most recent release of Qualcomm. Snapdragon chip 805 AQP8084 has 4 cores, capable of accelerating to 2.7 GHz. With 3 GB of memory is all provide excellent system performance. Graphics processor is Qualcomm Adreno 420, not a bad choice.

The chip equipped with a 64-bit processor, Samsung Exynos series instead of Qualcomm Snapdragon. In tests, Note 4 shows good results, even if the performance does not reach iPhone 6 Plus or tablet with Nvidia Shield platform Tegra K1.

In general, the DUT output leaves a good impression. Compared with the previous phone (they used the Snapdragon chip 801) productivity increased by 12%, which can be seen from the benchmark PassMark CPU Test. The same pattern appears in the Linpack; and in some tests, such as 3DMark Physics Test, Galaxy Note 4 was faster than all others.

The manufacturer has also established very fast memory (both operational and constant). Another plus. Adreno 420 graphics accelerator supports all modern graphics libraries (OpenGL ES 3.1 and DirectX 11.2), and has the potential for next-generation games. All current actual games like Asphalt 8 or The Descent, displaying excellent. Only in Star Wars we noticed hovering animation.

In games and Note 4 does a noticeable excellent job in space and instant response of the touch screen.

Smartphone heated no more than others; even at maximum computational load modeled for several hours, warmed housing Note 4 only up to about 40 degrees Celsius. Even from such hands do not sweat.

It is worth noting, however, that within the body, things are not so good. With long-term performance of resource-intensive tasks graphics accelerator phone automatically starts to reduce its operating frequency (sometimes it was only 70% of normal), which is a clear evidence of miscalculation of the design. The impact of this phenomenon on the overall performance is not too much, so you should not worry.

Acoustic system of smartphone, there is a small mono speaker on the rear panel. The volume to 100% mark is not too high, while already at the intersection of two thirds of the volume relative to the maximum sound becomes colorless and metal. Location speaker on the rear panel can’t be called successful: it is necessary to put the phone on a flat surface with the display up, and the sound is blocked. In general, this aspect of the use of smartphones Galaxy manufacturer ignores in the first year.

The supplied headphones were quite good. When compared to the more or less qualitative model of the middle class, like the Creative Aurvana 2, the headset of Samsung unduly emphasizes the lower part of the price range of important nuances compositions. But against the backdrop of the fact that other producers put in a box with their phones, offering Koreans looks decent.

The working with Galaxy Note 4 is enjoyable and it is a good phone to explore. But price could be the issue, let’s see if Samsung will work on the price in upcoming generations like Galaxy Note 6.