India’s one of the topmost telecom operators Idea Cellular has introduced an amazing billing option with which users can create, choose and customize their own monthly plan from data and voice packs. It is i-Plan from Idea with which you can select from widest range of rental offers, from Rs. 199 to Rs. 999, according to your requirements, desires and usage pattern. According to a release, users can now look for a widest range of offers for SMS, voice and GPRS benefits. One can also enjoy add-on packs of Idea with which you can enjoy monthly rentals according to your best plan.

Idea Cellular, Chief Marketing Officer, Shashi Shankar, added that customers can enjoy freedom of personalization, choice, control and flexibility from this plan. The postpaid service features heavy ARPU client-base and this category is growing to meet customers of different requirements and needs of the users with this i-Plan. All the existing and new postpaid users can access this offer. All you have to choose the rental plan after free packs to activate this plan. You can get the top-up plan with any other add-on pack. All you have to dial 121 from your phone to choose i-Plan or you can visit your local Idea store to know the best suited and cheapest 3G plan.

About Idea Web Pass

In order to introduce Idea Web Pass, Idea has now joined hands with Opera Software. Idea Web Pass will be based on Opera’s new platform which was released earlier this week. Users can enjoy internet packs for short term according to their needs with Idea web Pass via 3 different packages. Users can access it through Opera Mini browser. In Idea Web Pass, the plans are starting from weekly Facebook Pass at Rs. 7, Internet Pass at Rs. 8 (Daily), and Internet Pass (Weekly) at Rs. 30. Now anyone can stay online at just Rs. 8 every day without spending on a full-packed data plan.

In order to activate Idea Web Pass, there is no need to change settings. Instead you have to open Opera Mini browser directly on your mobile device. Go to Speed Dial page and click ‘Idea Web Pass’ and choose your desired plan. You can go through Speed Dial page of Opera Mini and access the Web Pass page of Idea. Both postpaid and prepaid users can access this package. While buying the Web Pass package, the required amount will instantly be debited from main balance of the users. Both postpaid and prepaid users can access this package.

When the amount is reduced instantly from main balance of users by buying Web Pass of prepaid users, it would be included in postpaid bill of the user. From your telephone carrier, you can get data access for short term with Opera Web Pass. Operators can also provide various incentives for clicking on ads like free web access. Opera Mini can operate on different platforms and several budget phones have this browser built-in.  Hence, maximum number of Idea users can stay online.