Well, YouTube is an outrageously increasing site and a great internet hangout. If you are a member or you are a You Tuber it’s you who tells others about yourself and your personality. There are lots of videos available on every channel, and millions of people view the videos every day. YouTube is one of the largest growing multimedia, from kids to the elders; everyone is fond of the videos which are available on this free site. Your videos get lost between those million videos which are uploaded every day. Attractive videos tend to grab more attention and get more views and the possibility of going viral.

Here are some tips and strategies to make your video attractive to the viewers:

  • Record the video: With a high-quality camera lens and using the best editor app, choose the parts of the video which you want to upload and edit it.
  • Combine several retakes: Combining several retakes will allow you to cover all of your main points.
  • Have professional lighting: People do judge a book by its cover. In the same way, people judge the video based on how the video looks in the beginning. Without proper lighting, you’ll more likely to risk losing the viewers.
  • Make your title count: Just like a headline for a newspaper and a title for an article, giving a title for your video can pull heavy traffic in your channel. A great title can grab a lot of viewer’s attention and by using the appropriate keywords in your title will most likely show up on search engines.
  • Content choosing: Choosing a content which is common and in trending will definitely give you a lot of views but also depict it in a unique way will get you a lot of subscribers. It showcases your skills and knowledge about the particular topic. And moreover, if the viewer likes your video, then he/she will be more likely to get back on your channel often to view your videos.
  • Select an image that reflects the contents: Video thumbnail is as important as your content. Choose a thumbnail image that makes sense to the viewer as well as it should relate to the topic you have chosen. Do not use abusive or violent images, which can violate the viewer’s expectations.
  • Design for all screen size: Thumbnail images are tiny, and you do not get more space to grab your viewer’s attention. The thumbnail that you design should look good on a variety of screen sizes. So, always make sure your image is clear and the text is readable when the size of the thumbnail is scaled down. You can use a YouTube to Facebook thumbnail generator to make your YouTube thumbnails usable for Facebook as well.
  • Get the traffic: In order to grab people’s attention to your videos, embed your videos in certain blog posts, tweet about your videos, and share them on Facebook. You can use a YouTube to Facebook converter The more you spread the more you get viewers.
  • Create a good introduction: Recently, YouTube has made a change in which you get three seconds or less to make an introduction of yourself. Having a good intro automatically enhances the entire video.