There are many reasons why people might choose to get married in Greece. It could be to do with the people, the weather, the novelty or the landscapes. There are a lot of reasons for it and a selection of them are explained below.


Greek people are friendly and kind. This means that if you choose to get married there, you will be among a lot of lovely people. This can make a big difference to your day, help to make things run more smoothly and be more memorable. They are also helpful which will be useful when they are planning things for you.


Weather can be very important when you are getting married. Some people like the idea of having pictures taken outside in the sunshine. Others like the idea of having the whole ceremony outside and want to make sure that they can guarantee some good weather for this. Just having sunny weather can make a big difference to the feel of the day.


It can be a lot of fun having a wedding in a different country. There is something about it that could make the whole day even more memorable. It can make for quite a different atmosphere than having it at your home. It can also be different to anything anyone else you know has done which can make it feel more special.


There are some beautiful places in Greece and it can be really great to get married somewhere where they are good views. It can not only help to make the occasion lovelier, it can also add to the appeal of the photographs. Having some lovely places to admire can give a feeling of peace and relaxation which is great way to start married life.


It may be that you like the traditions in Greece better than those in your own country. You may prefer the way that they do weddings to the way that they are traditionally done in your country. Perhaps you enjoy the dancing or the food or other things about the country.

Combining a Honeymoon

Some people like the idea that they can travel to a place, get married and then have a holiday straight after. They do not have to go somewhere else for a honeymoon. It also means that they can share their holiday with the friends and family that have joined them there for the wedding.

So there are a lot of reasons why people like to travel to get married. Many choose Greek Weddings specifically because it has good memories for them, they like the atmosphere, traditions, people, weather and landscapes. There are lots of people that do choose to do this which means that you can book a package holiday with a wedding as part of it. There are a lot to choose from and there are many experienced companies offering them. This means that you can be sure that you will have a well organised wedding and you will be able to have something different and done to your specifications.

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