Exotic and Exciting Australia destinations in 2013So you wish to take a visit to Australia, but want to find out where the most exotic and exciting Australia destinations in 2013 are. Fortunately for many travelers, taking a trip to Australia can be more exciting than it sounds. There are many different places that will easily leave a lasting impression. Whether you are interesting in water destinations, or beautiful nature trails, Australia can definitely give you what you are looking for.

Tasmania can be found on the tip of Australia and is well known as the island of inspiration. This gorgeous destination has a beauty that hasn’t been touched, making it an extremely wonderful place for nature lovers.

Uluru If you know anything about Ayers Rock, then you will know that it’s now called Uluru. Uluru is considered to be the one of the most exotic and exciting places to visit in Australia. This huge rock is something visitors take in and not climb. It’s beauty is so untouched that climbing is frowned upon. This spectacular rock located in Australia is best viewed in the Summer time months.

Fraser Island is a place that many people who visit Australia tend to visit more times than not. This island measures at 122 km and is considered the biggest island in the world. When it comes to natural and cultural heritage, Australia considers Fraser Island a World Heritage Site. Visitors can experience long stretches of white sand, a untouched rainforest and clear, baby blue lakes. If you enjoy birds, you can enjoy over 300 different species, such as the ground Parrot and the cockatoos.

Sydney Harbour is the go to place when taking a trip to Australia. If you love the night life and enjoy lighted areas, Sydney Harbour might be your favorite place to visit. It’s undeniable that Sydney Harbor is the place where you can find the Sydney Opera House, as well as the Harbour Bridge.The Opera house is the diamond structure of Australia and the Pritzker Prize gave it the architect Jorn Utzon architecture’s highest honour. When it comes to looking for box office theatre tickets, one can easily obtain them. The Opera house has a playhouse, a theatre, a studio,one concert hall, restaurant, forecourt, Utzon room, a bar and a cafe. Making it a great place to spend your evening wining and dining.

Barossa is the one place wine lovers should definitely visit if they plan to take a trip to Australia. The best time to visit Barossa is said to be in April when the yearly Vintage festival is held. Visitors can enjoy bands, carnivals, food, dancing, and wine tasting.

It has been said that finding exotic and exciting destinations in Australia is an exceptionally easy thing to do. Australia can definitely leave one with memories that can last a lifetime.