College professors are entrusted with the most important thing in the world. They must train our youth to be well-educated and good citizens. These students will go out into the world and become leaders of business and politics, and will take over for the former generation and propel the world and everyone in it forward.

This great responsibility is one that college professors don’t take lightly. They fully dedicate themselves to their jobs and to the students they teach because they know that they will be one of the biggest influences in each of their student’s lives. In fact if you ask any great leader from presidents to leaders of Industry about the greatest influences say, they will invariably say a college professor placed them on the path that play the great part and helping them to achieve their success.

The best college professors like Wayne Imber have a list of qualities that make them great and a set of procedures that they utilize in order to get the most out of their students.

They Hardly Ever Lose a Student

One of the most challenging aspects of being a college professor is accommodating the needs of each student. They come from all backgrounds and environments and the thrown into a classroom together and told to learn. Some learn quickly, while others not as quick. Some students are very active in class, while others hardly make a sound.

The best college professors always find a way to make sure all of the students are engaged and learning. If it is a psychology class, the professor will make sure all the students participated in any class projects and will pair slower students with those at the head of the class in order to make sure that each student is moving forward.

Whether the college professor is a doctor, meaning he or she is a Dr. Professor, or someone who only received a graduate degree in the field they are teaching, often doesn’t matter.  What is important is that the teacher is dedicated to the success of each student and this signifies a great college professor.

They Are Always Positive

The great college professors know that not every student we’ll make it to their final destination. Some students will switch their majors while others will decide that there’s a better path for them than a University degree. No matter what type of student, the college professor will provide support and positive insight. These great professors also never compared students in their classes. The temptation to look at the efforts and outcomes of one student in comparison to another is often overwhelming, however this will often lead to bad feelings by one or both of the students.

So great college professors never make these comparisons. Instead, they compare student to his best self and talk about the potential of that student and what needs to be done in order to reach that potential. This way the student is only competing and erase that he or she can win.

The great college professors also understand that students need praise when they do good things and withholding that praise sends a confusing message to them. So the college professor will always be ready with kind, supportive, and uplifting words.