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When you are considering changing your career, it is important to know the reasons for doing so to help with moving forward. Changing careers can be extremely beneficial financially, socially and career-wise for your future depending on your reasons and the type of position you are interested in. Understanding the reasons for changing careers that are most common is a way to reassure your own feelings about the job you currently hold and the future position you desire.


If you do not have a passion for the current career you have and you are seeking more happiness from your job, it may be time to consider a career change. Finding a position that ideal for you based on hobbies and interests is a way to get more satisfaction while feeling fulfilled during work each day. Determine the passions you have by reviewing hobbies you have and positions that fit with each area of interest you have in mind. Knowing your passions and finding a career that revolves around them allows you to enjoy your job without feeling as if you are working or sacrificing your time.

Job Outlook

Not all careers and positions last in today’s society, especially with the rapid increase in technology and the shift of available work in all industries. If you have conducted research on your career and have discovered the position’s future job outlook numbers have decreased or are not projected to grow, it may be time to consider changing your career. Knowing the job outlook for any position is helpful when deciding on any new skills you may also need to acquire in the future.


Finding a career that offers more money or more hours is another reason to consider switching the position you currently work in. A boost in salary can mean the difference between having money to save and invest versus simply paying your bills. Determining the type of salary you want to earn and reviewing the skills and qualifications you have with working and previous experience is a way to seek out the ideal careers. Review your current finances and create goals to help with planning ahead and choosing the type of salary you want to earn. Knowing the potential salary you can make in various industries is also recommended when you are searching for open positions that you are interested in.

Finding a Challenge

If you find yourself bored or unchallenged, switching your career is a way to explore new industries while learning new skills and working in different environments. Finding a challenge with your career is a way to feel more fulfilled and satisfied with what you are contributing and the efforts you make. Feeling challenged with work is also a way to keep you actively involved with your work at all times.

Life Changes

Experiencing big life changes such as a move or even a new baby on the way may prompt you to consider the current career you have and future possibilities. Life changes are often extreme motivators for those who are interested in changing careers for financial reasons or even due to a move into another state. Reflect on your own life to help with understanding if you want to make your career change to assist your family or for other personal reasons.

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Vickie Rabon is a career counselor and guest author at Best Career Counseling Degree Programs.