Office 365, the closed based service offered by Microsoft has become highly popular among entrepreneurs especially due to the efficiency it brings and its various features and benefits. This cloud technology was launched just a few years ago, but it has a strong market presence. It is known for its efficiencies, stability and consistency, and Microsoft Office 365 Cloud provides all these benefits including the efficiency that has been unique to Microsoft Office package.

When it comes to starting a new business, you are choosing the path to success and growth when you embrace the cloud and implement Office 365.

Office 365 and Business Growth

Improving employee efficiency, reducing overhead costs, and boosting work flexibility are some of the biggest factors for entrepreneurs. Office 365 can help you achieve all this. Your staff, whether office-based or field-based, can work from anywhere and at any time. They will be connected via a reliable and secure platform, and can get access to information, collaborate and do lot more using mobile devices, desktop, and laptops. When it comes to implementing this cloud service for your new business, you will have to decide between buying from Microsoft or from a renowned Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP) such as

Choosing the Right Seller

If you are a new business, you want a reliable and all encompassing service that guides you fully through the move to this cloud based service. There are many reasons why you should buy Office 365 service from a distinguished Tier 1 Microsoft CSP. A leading CSP will provide you Office365 service in a product bundling option that is designed specifically for a startup. It is also essential that you select your CSP that has a good market reputation behind them. You don’t want to be dealing with a provider that’s not trusted by other customers.

What to expect from the Best Microsoft CSP

Apps4Rent is an ideal Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Service Provider. They are the providers of one of the most efficient Office 365 Cloud package. You can expect the following benefits of choosing such a top tier CSP rather than buying from Microsoft:

  • A reputation for outstanding customer service required for helping new startups in implementing Office 365 and adapting to the new system.
  • No need to be restricted to the specific customer-support format that applies to direct purchase from Microsoft.
  • No limitation to the types of issues that can be sought assistance for via phone when buying directly from Microsoft. The company has a scheduled list of critical issues that can be the only one that could be addressed via phone-based customer support.
  • Wide-ranging end-user support and full-cover service, which is essential for new startups that need time and comprehensive support for adapting to this sophisticated cloud service.
  • Complete range of end-user assistance for helping move to Office 365.
  • 24×7 support via phone, chat and email for resolving any type of issues and answering any queries.

If you purchase Office 365 directly from Microsoft, you will get minimal amount of assistance when it comes to taking those first steps to adapt. A Tier 1 Microsoft CSP is going to provide you the same product at the same price but with total support and services required for making the move to the new system.


There is even more to buying Office 365 from Apps4Rent. They offer a special product bundling option that helps you get access to all your data from the same place. You will also get complete technical support as part of this package.

  • You can get free SharePoint website that can work as the platform for collaboration between employees and even with clients. This website is offered for project management and is hosted on another target website –
  • You can also get a Free Project Management Software such as Project Online in the Office 365 package. It helps in making your business processes even more efficient, coherent and effective.

So if you are buying your Office 365 cloud service from such a Tier 1 Microsoft CSP, you are getting much more to put your new business on the path to success.