Faced with the prospect of a lengthy recovery and an arduous legal process to get the compensation you deserve for an accident that wasn’t your fault, it’s always reassuring to have an accident lawyer on your side that you can have faith in and trust – a lawyer who can support you and your family by coordinating medical care, and someone who picks up the phone and isn’t afraid to answer all your claims-related questions.

Where Can I Find The Best Accident Lawyer?

The best accident lawyers work tirelessly for their clients to ensure they get justice. Looking for someone that fits that bill? Here’s six places where you can find an accident lawyer:

1. Google

You can use Google to search for accident lawyers and you can use the same tool for finding reviews and testimonials. Search Google for ‘road traffic accident lawyers in location’ and you will be given a list of relevant solicitors and practices.

2. Web directories

Web directories like Yell and Thomson Local are fantastic places to look for accident lawyers specialising in your kind of accident. These directories are free at the point of use and with Yell you also have the opportunity to order a Yellow Pages book.

3. UK Claim Lawyers

At UK Claim Lawyers, we will always assign the best solicitor for the job to your case. We will assign a solicitor who is highly experienced handling your kind of accident and injuries, so that you have the strongest case built for financial compensation. Visit us to find out more.

4. Family and friends

Sometimes, the best lawyer is one a family member or friend can recommend. The upshot to using a lawyer recommended is that you will have a common connection and, let’s face it, the word of a loved one is more trustworthy than any flashy marketing campaign.

5. Social media

If you have a social media following, you might find some good recommendations by asking your friends or followers for their input. Be advised though that unless your profile is set to ‘private’, everything you say will be public. Privacy is the main concern with this method.

6. Insurance companies

If you have made a claim and insurance providers are involved, then your insurer may recommend a lawyer or law firm to you. It’s your right to choose an accident lawyer of your choosing, but sometimes insurance company recommendations are actually quite good.

Not so fast!

Before you go ahead and make a claim, you must make sure that the solicitor you are speaking with is qualified to work your case. Ask to see their practicing certificate. This is a document that all solicitors in England and Wales must have to call themselves a solicitor. It guarantees that a solicitor holds all the necessary qualifications to provide legal services.