Spills, drops and scratches are all dangerous hazards which pose a threat to you friendly little phone. Whether it’s the dog drooling or your orange juice leaking, liquids might be public enemy number one. But fumbling fingers and tall heights pose another significant danger for a phone without a parachute (which I’m pretty sure hasn’t been invented yet).

Many smartphone owners use their phones for over half the tasks they used to perform on their computers. That means utility is an important thing which users can’t compromise when trying to keep a phone safe.

Why A Quality Phone Case Is Worth The Investment

So what’s a phone to do? Luckily, new developments in case capacity and durability present a safe option for protecting your phone from the pitfalls of everyday.

Cosmetics and Value

Whether it’s the keys in your purse or the pen in your pocket, phones easily scratch and scuff. The plastic backs and fragile screens also shatter, leaving you with spider web looking cracks. Sand and dust particles can rub and mar the phone’s face. Just weeks after purchasing it, a new mobile device can go from shiny and glamorous to fractured and homely. These little nicks are one of the foremost reasons that many people invest in a case.

But perhaps you enjoy the rugged look that a scratched phone emanates. Well, there are still some important reasons to consider finding a good case and screen protector.

On many smartphones the camera lens lies level with the body of the phone. A case can help protect the lens and its ability to take clear pictures by adding an outer layer so that when the phone lies on its back, the lens is secure above the surface. A case will also protect the phone’s buttons from damage.

Another point to consider, suggests Lifehacker.com, is the potential resale value of the device. All those little scratches, no matter how superficial, can dramatically decrease the resale value of the device.

Hardcore Protection

Now for the grittier reasons that your phone needs a case. The right case can act as a shield against the world. A few cases have special seals that lock out water. Not only will this provide peace of mind, it will also keep you from ever needing to try the rice experiment with your waterlogged electronic.

While any case is probably better than a naked phone, there are some important reasons why a higher end case is superior. It is true that a skin case will make the device less slippery and decrease your chances of dropping it or letting it slide to a terrible crash on the floor. But a strong case will provide an imperative cushion and barrier between your phone and the floor. If you wouldn’t send your child out on their skateboard without a helmet, then don’t let your phone live without one either.

How Much Is this Protection Going to Cost?

Typically, it seems like the more protective a case, the more expensive it is. Some cases can cost as much as a quarter of what you probably paid for the actual phone. But the makers of waterproof, shockproof, drop proof and snow proof cases are offering a Lifeproof discount to help phone owners care for their devices.

And if you want to spend more, you probably can. A custom case created by Japanese jeweler Akiyama is studded with 207 diamonds and 18 carat gold. This smartphone bling case costs around $38,000, and it’s probably not even waterproof.

Image from www.extremestorms.com