A ton of bits of gossip are indicating a redesigned form of Nexus 5 otherwise known as Google Nexus 2015, and it’s valid. Nexus 5 was a hit, remembering the one gave utilize and offering a capable equipment, regardless it holds it’s crown as the best Nexus ever. Motorola attempted a cut at the Nexus with the Nexus 6, did it succeed? Yes, to a broaden, the 6 inch size makes it perfect for two gave use and the capable equipment and QHD AMOLED show all blended with a sliced value makes it one convincing Nexus.

All things considered, this speaks the truth to change with Google assembling another Nexus for 2015, the successor to Nexus 5. The every single new break and renders if genuine demonstrate to us a reasonable picture of how it will be. The upcoming Google Nexus 2015 will give firm rivalry to up and coming Samsung S7.

Google Nexus 2015 To Release In October 2015

The presentation will be given a support to 5.2 inches and QHD for the determination. The new IPS board will give more exact hues and profundity also better survey edges. All the most recent leader gadgets accompany a Snapdragon 810 out of the crate with the LG G4 taking things to a lower yet intense Snapdragon 808 to abstain from warming issues. Google Nexus 2015 will land with a comparative idea matched with a Snapdragon 808 rather than 810 and 3 GB of RAM.

The stock Android on the Nexus will guarantee that everything will run rich smooth keeping any warming issues under control also how upgraded Android has ended up with 64 bit building design.

The 16 Mega pixel camera on the Nexus 2015 will cover everything from a morning tea to a night joint since news focuses to an OIS camera matched with all the centering treats LG brings to the table.

LG is making the new Nexus and we are calmly holding up to see the upgrades. Google is wanting to discharge the new Nexus 2015 in late October, surmise the hold up will be in weeks instead of years this time.