Like any other machine, VOIP PBX systems can also cause you some issues. These issues can be related to the call quality, network, router, internet connection, etc. Understanding these issues is the first step towards its resolution.

If you have been experiencing any of the issues in the working of your VOIP system, then you should talk to your VoIP phone service provider. The expert technical team at Virtual PBX would offer the most authentic, feasible and robust solutions to their customers and resolve the problems they are facing in this regard.

Incorrect configuration of the internal network

This is the issue that crops when the network to which all the business communication is routed, is not properly configured. This lowers the quality of VoIP traffic and calls. This problem can be solved by configuring a VoIP-capable router in the correct way.

Avaya PABX is one of the renowned providers of virtual switching service of PBX services. The highly skilled technicians at this firm solve the problem by correctly configuring the device on the network.

Latency and Jitter

Latency is the time gap between the person speaking at one end and listening to it at the other end. A VoIP router can address a bit of latency in the communication. Jitters can lead to poor quality audio. This is recognized as jumbled or scrambled audio.

The best ways to solve this issue is to use a jitter buffer. This buffer will store all the voice information that arrives in the form of information packets in the right order. With this inclusion in VOIP PBX system, the audio quality improves and becomes clean, accurate and concise.

Inferior quality router

A router is an essential requirement in those cases when the business requires an internet connection for voice as well as data to get VoIP traffic.  If the router fails to configure VoIP as a priority, then the call quality drops significantly whenever a large file is downloded.

To solve this issue, all one need to do is to install a new or a reconfigured router. It is advisable always to get it correctly installed by the reputed VOIP provider.

Slow or inadequate internet

According to the test results achieved after a VoIP test, it has been found that one need around 100kbps speed internet in both directions to eliminate any loss of information packet. This internet speed also ensures the high quality of VoIP calls.

To solve this problem, you can approach ISP’s that can be a DSL high speed internet or cable provider to provide business level high speed internet. This ensures smooth operation of the business.

Virtual PBX systems are made to be very reliable. The possibility of the occurrence of these issues is very less. Proper and timely identification of all these issues is very important. Getting the assistance of the right solution provider is the best solution to let the clients enjoy the benefits of this technology for a longer time.