“I am hungry and I know perfectly well the destinations of good food.”

Is that what you think…and does the itinerary in your mind always work for you?

Well! For me it sometimes fails and I am left with almost no choice but to grudge and feel bad…

Being a food traveler and having tried almost all the cuisines, I am still crazy for scrumptious food. Having said that, I am sure you understand how much I love food, or should I say, good food is what makes my heart really happy.

This time I was back home in New Delhi and had been travelling non-stop from about 3 months, trying out different flavors of Asia Pacific. All authentic tastes remind us of the culture and heritage that the spices and herbs in the dish carry. But, finally for once I was tired of the new flavors and wanted something that is simple yet intriguing.

So I ventured out in the local market, to satisfy my urge for good interesting yet simple flavors. I walked through the market in GK but unfortunately found nothing which could gratify me and suddenly had this beep in my phone. Voila! I need to go back to my place.

Which Is Your Favorite Food Destination

Don’t be surprised! This was an SMS from my favorite Domino’s about a wonderful offer. They were offering an amazing discount for couple of hours, so I made up my mind to order using the coupon code they had mentioned in the message. Luck strikes its cords really well at times, it was perfect timing. While walking back home, I was thinking what to order, since it is my favorite food destination, I know the menu by heart How about a vegetable pizza this time, let the sin begin! I wanted to forget the calories and relax to eat my lovely satiating pizza all by myself. I simply logged onto the Domino’s Mobile App, selected my favorite Pizza and customized it by adding my favorite toppings and crust. While tracking the pizza via Domino’s Pizza tracker, I reached home to relish this particular pie that always held a certain allure for me. Savior’s like Domino’s are rare, and thank God this one delivers a tender yet crisp succulent meals in just 30 minutes.

I had since long been wanting to install their mobile app (https://pizzaonline.dominos.co.in/apps/) which makes ordering and tracking all the more simple. Having done that, I ordered what I had thought, a Veg Hawaiian Delight pizza with vegetarian pasta.

And these seemed to be the longest 30 minutes of my life, after which my lavish cheesy affair started. The crust was oozing with cheese and my lip-smacking toping of golden corns, pineapple and jalapenos had an overwhelming taste which blended smoothly in every bite.

It was love in every bite, it seemed like an affair I was having with pizza, don’t know if it was hunger or the craving for that taste that made me fall in love with pizza all over again. The blend of sweet pineapple, bright corns and spicy jalapenos was very different from the usual food we eat. It was so good that I felt like a child, who was having something heavenly for the first time in life.