Anyone who has spent any amount of time in the blogosphere over the last few years understands just how vital search engine optimization (SEO) is for success. And this isn’t exclusive to large marketing firms and large retailers—local businesses and firms need to focus on quality SEO as well. That’s because these days generating business is heavily reliant on generating actionable online material that is easily shared on social networks. Website content needs to be properly optimized according to the fundamentals put forth by that most giant of search engines, Google.  So, those interested in attorney website marketing, and who really want to achieve high rankings and see a return on their investment of time and energy, should follow these SEO tips straight from the horse’s mouth.

Don’t Optimize before the Site has a Value Proposition

Those who want to see their firm’s website ranked high on a Google search must first ask themselves what differentiates themselves from the local competition. For example, if the website in question is for a personal injury firm, then it is best to celebrate any offers, such as free consultations, low contingency fees, and any discounts. Either way, it’s crucial for websites to separate themselves from the pack.

Don’t take a Segmented Approach to SEO

Optimization needs to be cohesive and function as a single unit. Without communication from all teams involved—from business development to marketing. These teams need to coordinate offline advertisements with online SEO efforts. A good example would be a firm that advertises its services via commercial. It’s then up to the online marketers to optimize the website for keywords suggested in the offline advertisements.

Don’t get Caught in SEO Trends

In the old days of SEO, the goal was to chase the user in order to get them to convert. This was very much a race, and eventually it separated into two parts, with one group chasing users while the other group chased search engine algorithms. Many content providers ended up doing things like editing their content for optimum keyword density, which is hardly an efficient use of time. Google recommends providers eschew trends such as these and instead focus on generating readable and compelling content that is of high value to the user.

Focus on Faster Iteration

The faster an SEO team can iterate, the better. The landscape of SEO is constantly shifting, and those providers who can stay ahead of the curve will reap much reward from their SEO. Google suggests adhering to core principals such as defining metrics, implementing improvements, measuring impact, creating new improvements and prioritizing improvements based on market and personnel.The most important thing is to repeat the steps in this recipe on a constant basis.

These are just few SEO tips content providers will want to keep in mind moving forward. Indeed, the landscape of SEO is likely to shift even more in the future. But for now, the focus is firmly on drawing the largest audience possible via compelling and original content.