Our country is surrounded by water from 3 sides hence it is no surprise that sea food is one of the most commonly had and loved cuisines in our country, especially when it comes to fish. In today’s article we are going to be talking about a few fish recipes from one such state that is very famous for its love for fish.

If you guessed west Bengal, then you got me right. The love for fish curries and a variety of preparations that the Bengali cuisine offers is nothing new. We all know about the love affair between a Bengali and fish!

So, in today’s article I am going to list out a few fish recipes that are very famous in Bengal and is one every Bengali’s favourite list. If you too are a Bengali then please see how many of my recipes have made it to your list. The other non-Bengali fish lovers go ahead and read the article because it has some pretty amazing recipes in it.

5 Fish Recipes Strictly From The Menu Of Bengal!

  1. Fish kabiraji– This is a very famous recipe and is mostly had with teas as snacks. These fried fish fillets are very easy to prepare at home too. They use fish pieces that are marinated in spices and wrapped in gram flour and bread crumbs before being deep fired. They are crispy from the outside and juicy from the inside. You could have Fish kabiraji with tomato or mustard sauce.
  2. Bengali doimach– this is a curry recipe and it is suitable for meals. It goes well with steamed rice. This has a slightly tangy taste because of the use of yogurt. The pieces of fish are first marinated in spices before actually being cooked. The marination adds flavour to the recipe and an absolute delight. If you haven’t yet tried out the Bengali doimach you are missing on to a great deal. You have got to try it out immediately.
  3. Fish biryani– Bengal is famous for its biryani. The Calcutta biryani has a very different taste when compared to the south Indian biryanis. But ever heard of fish biryani? No? That is because you haven’t yet tried out the famous fish biryani. It is a wholesome meal and you get the benefit of rice and fish, both in one. What’s not to like about that?
  4. Macherjhol– this is one of the most common and basic fish curry that is prepared in vevery house hold. The preparation of this is very simple and hence it is not difficult for a non-Bengali to prepare at home. Jhol means curry or gravy, which makes it a perfect luncheon. It is cooked in mustard oil which enhances the flavour of the curry.
  5. Illishmaach– if you haven’t tried out the Bengal specialty illish? Hilsamaach you haven’t eaten anything at all. This is one of the costliest fish that is available in the market and the Bengalis kill for it. The fish has a unique taste in itself and its preparation in various spices makes it even more special. This is a must try from my side.