You may find yourself in the unfortunate situation of living next to troublesome neighbors. Whether you’re being driven mad by their noisiness, messiness, or general inconsideration, there are ways that you can try to resolve the situation and coexist more harmoniously with your neighbors. Here are some of the best strategies for coping with next-door nuisances.

Set an Example

By being a good neighbor yourself, your next-door neighbors might be more inclined to show you some courtesy and try to change their troublesome ways. ABC News suggests that you get to know your neighbors’ names and say or wave hello to them whenever you see them. It’s also a good idea to keep your noise down to a minimum and maintain a clean yard to set a better example. You can even go a step further by inviting your neighbors over to your home for a lunch or afternoon coffee.

Notify Them

Resolving conflict with your neighbors may be as simple as notifying them of the problem. Your neighbors aren’t mind readers, and they might be unaware of the problems they’re causing if you don’t share your thoughts. For example, you can try placing a note on their door or asking them in person to lower their volume levels if noise is an issue. No matter how you decide to notify them, you should do so in a polite fashion so as not to cause further conflict.

Schedule a Meeting

If your neighbors seem civil enough for you to meet with them to discuss your grievances, you can try scheduling a time to talk. One of the best ways to go about doing this is to place a note on their door that gives a general overview of your concerns and then invite your neighbors to meet with you. They can then write a response letter and place it on your door. You can choose to hold this meeting on a sidewalk or across each other’s yards if you don’t want them in your home. During the meeting, it’s important to remain civil and not jump to accusations if you want to make any progress.

Notify the Proper Authorities

This should be done as a last resort if all other measures that you’ve taken to resolve the situation have been ineffective. The police can’t always help unless there has been some sort of physical altercation, theft, or property damage. However, you might make progress by informing your homeowner’s association of any violations committed by your neighbors. If you and your neighbors live in a rental home or an apartment, you can notify the landlord.

Resolving conflicts with your neighbors can be done by following the right steps and approaching the situation with a clear, rational mindset. If all else fails, there are many other homes for sale that may offer better living conditions.