Bangkok and Pattaya are two incredible destinations and there are lots of amazing things to explore. Bangkok and Pattaya itinerary has separated into two different parts of the tour. So in the first part of this tour, you should be in Pattaya to and you would explore the life of their islands, Alcazar shows, and nightlife of Pattaya. In the second part of this tour, you should be in Bangkok to enjoy the shopping and it’s delicious and healthy cuisines, sacred temples, massage, nightlife and much more. So exploring these two incredible destinations will be the best vacation and experience of your life.

Various Bangkok Pattaya Tour Packages from India will provide you itineraries based on common places, for exploring these amazing places on your own you can just follow this itinerary provided below.


Day 1: Land at Bangkok and Head to the Pattaya City

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On the first day of the itinerary, you should land in Bangkok Airport. After landing into Bangkok, head to the most beautiful city Pattaya. you will need a hotel to get rid of fatigue so check-in into your pre-booked hotel and take some rest. You can take a Pattaya city tour if you are not feeling tired. Pattaya is one of the most vibrant cities in the world and it is famous for its unique lifestyle, delicious cuisines, beautiful beaches, unforgettable nightlife and more. So the night is yours enjoy the first-night stay in incredible city Pattaya.


Day 2: The Coral Island Tour

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The real fun starts from the second day of the itinerary so take your breakfast and be ready to explore the coral island in Pattaya. Coral island is one of the best places to hang out in Pattaya and there are many interesting activities to do at the coral island like a speed boat riding, beautiful beaches surrounded by green hills, water sports, and underwater diving. If you are visiting this place is couples then you can enjoy a walk along the beach for beautiful memories. So enjoy the whole day at the coral island and head back to your hotel till evening.


Day 3: Alcazar Show in Pattaya

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It is believed that if you are in Pattaya and you haven’t see the Alcazar show in Pattaya then you didn’t see anything in Pattaya. So on the second day, head to the famous cabaret show in Pattaya for another fun. The show is known for its theatrical drama, cultural events, and traditional dresses. The loud music of the show will make you dance on the floor. Enjoy the full-day Alcazar show and then return back to the hotel and put some delicious dinner into your tired stomach.


Day 4: Pattaya Underwater World

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On day 4, you should head to the underwater world of Pattaya so wake up early in the morning, have your breakfast, book your taxi and head to the underwater world. Pattaya underwater world is the 100- meter long tunnel in the ocean and it has many aquatic plants, animals, and creatures. The day is yours to explore the whole underwater world and then head back to the hotel by evening. Enjoy your last night in Pattaya by remembering the beautiful moments that you spent in Pattaya in the past 3 days.


Day 5: Bangkok City Tour

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On day 5 you should head to Bangkok City by a two hours boat ride. After reaching Bangkok, check-in into your pre-booked hotel and get ready for the city tour. Bangkok is one of the greatest cities to explore and it is famous for shopping experiences, Thai massage, temples, and the nightlife. In this city tour, you will see the famous temples like Wat Traimit, Wat Pho & Wat trimeter and the huge gold statue of Buddha. After the temple tour, enjoy some shopping at Chinatown, the Indian town, and the Bangkok floating market. So it’s enough for day 5, now get back to your hotel, have a delicious dinner and enjoy the night in Bangkok.


Day 6: Bangkok Free Day

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The day 6 of this itinerary will be a free day for you so you can rest all day. If you feel it boring then you can enjoy the swimming, spa, and gym at your hotel. Bangkok is famous for its Thai massage so you can also move for a Thai massage if your legs are hurting.


Day 7: Safari World with Marine Park

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On day 7 you should move to Bangkok safari park which the largest open zoo in Bangkok. In this zoo, you will find some animals like Lions, Tigers, Cheetah, Zebra, Pandas and more. So bring your camera here to capture all beautiful moments. Next, you should head to the Marine Park for a beautiful view of underwater creatures like dancing dolphins, sea lions and more. So spend your day by exploring the safari world and marine park and get back to your hotel by evening. Have a delicious breakfast and enjoy your last night of the itinerary in Bangkok.


Day 8: Say Bye Bye to Thailand

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On day 8, you have to say goodbye to Thailand. Pack your stuff back, book your taxi or cab and head back to the airport. Enjoy the return journey to home with many beautiful memories.  


So those were some beautiful places in Bangkok and Pattaya for your itinerary. You can enjoy this itinerary with your friends and family without any package. If you have any queries regarding this article so ask it by commenting in the comment section.