What You Need To Know About HCG DietObesity is an issue that has been among the most discussed topics of late. Consequently dieting and its pros and cons have been debated about on many talk shows and forums.

Among different ways being used to counter the effects of obesity, following a diet plan known as HCG tops the list. HCG has seen predominate rise over the years as it is developed from a naturally occurring phenomenon in pregnant women. HCG is actually a hormone that is released by the body and actively burns the fat in a pregnant body in anticipation of the foetus that will develop. HCG is now available in the form of injections and supplement pills to help obese individuals lose weight along with a low calorie diet.

One thing many don’t know is that in order to start HCG diet there are certain steps that need to taken. This course of writing has set forth the imperative steps that you can take to undergo an effective HCG diet.

Contact your Diet Professional:

You must never overlook the fact that dieting is a serious business. It is recommended that you should contact your diet professional that can be your doctor, a local pharmacist or even a weight loss clinic. They are well versed in the HCG diet and know what you need to do to live a healthy life in addition to following the HCG diet. So follow the instructions that they set out for you. Remember that you will have to visit them every day during what is called as the second phase of the HCG diet which lasts for 21 to 45 days.

Guidance on your HCG Diet

When you meet with your diet professional, you will find out that there is more to HCG diet than meets the eye. You will find out about different things that you need to do and the professional advice that they have to offer is simply amazing. There are also certain requirements for every person that need to be considered so be careful when you are about to start your HCG diet.

Commitment to the Advice and Steps

Once you are clear about the steps that you need to take, it is important that you stay committed to them. It is strongly recommended that you don’t give up until you complete the course or go against the advice and steps that have been deemed relevant to your physiology. It is best that you start off gradually so that you eventually get used to the routine that comes with the diet plan.

Cherish the First Days

The first two days of the diet are just great since you can eat anything that you want. You will soon start missing them once you start your diet. During these initial days you should eat as much as you want and remember that you are loading for your diet. The amount of food that you eat then will help provide you the essential energy required to cope with the changing metabolism.

How to Change your Diet Routine

It is not easy to start your HCG diet and stay committed to it, as it is tough and rigorous.  So it is for the best that you start with a dietary regimen that will help you cope with the stress and the toughness of the diet. You can add fennel, onions, beet-greens, tomatoes and celery. Cucumbers, red radishes and cabbages can also be added. Melba toast can be eaten as a source for carbohydrates. For dessert you can choose among an orange, grapefruit or an apple.

For dinner follow the same protocol as lunch. Try different combinations to make things new and interesting. For instance you can always change the type of meat that you want to eat or the vegetables that you include in every dinner. Adding different spices can also be helpful in coming up with new menus.

Some Tips that you should consider:

HCG diet has proven to be successful in reducing weight for many people and helped obese people regain their normal body sizes. But there are certain tips and warnings that you need to be aware of.

1)      Remember to cut your fruit of choice into two servings. This will not change the calorie count but will create an appetizer snack for you.

2)      Never start the HCG diet before going to a diet professional. Only start it once you have proper medical advice and consent.

3)      Avoid doing any kind of physical activity during the course that is strenuous, like going to a gym. This is because HCG diet only allows you to utilize 500 calories which is clearly not adequate for heavy physical activity.

Author bio:

David Silva is a nutritionist, fitness expert and a blogger. He talks about the various steps and techniques needed by an individual before they embark on a HCG diet. Other topics that he has covered include Phentermine pharmacies, how to choose a fitness expert and many more.