Wikipedia has published quite a lot about the electronic cigarettes in terms of its invention, concept and growth. However, there is a lot more that is not out there about this ground breaking invention and these nuggets of knowledge are highlighted below for your reading:

You can control the nicotine

The e cig is designed in such a way that the flavors and nicotine is stored in the cartridges that gets converted to the smoke. The beauty of this is that you can control the amount of nicotine you take in. different cartridges have different levels of nicotine and this comes in handy especially for those who are fighting the quitting battle.

Nicotine is quite addictive and many a smoker will confess falling off the wagon one time or another. Therefore, tactfully approaching the journey is vital. You can start with the highest-level cartridges and ease yourself into lower levels day by day.

They do not produce smoke

This is one of the most misconstrued truths. E cigs do not use any open flame or compound to be burnt hence there is no existence of smoke. What comes out is vapor from the liquid compound stored in the cartridges. This also means that there is no offensive odor or taste that is left behind. So what does this mean?

Landing zone

It means that you can smoke indoors or near non-smokers and still not affect them whatsoever. In recent times, environments that before did not condone smoking are now showing some sense of accommodation for the e cig since there is no second hand smoke as was the case with the traditional cigarettes, which was a major health risk.

Flavored smokes; now that is something!

Unlike the traditional ones, there is a myriad of flavors ranging from tobacco flavors to fruity ones to menthol and peppermint. There are also chocolate and vanilla flavors that not only leave you satisfied but thoroughly entertained and refreshed at the long run. The idea here is to combine not only the nicotine and the different flavors but also play with the smokers senses.

The ease of owning one

Yes, they come with their own accessories including a USB charger and a plug in one to use at home and on the road.

usb guys up to mischief

They also have long life batteries that will ensure that the content is well vaporized at all times. They also have a carry case in which you can store them safely. As for the cleaning and maintenance, they are as easily disassembled, as they can be put together making it quite easy to clean the required areas. Make sure however, to follow the right procedures to clean them lest you damage them.

Products are guaranteed

The suppliers are so confident in their products that they have offered a lifetime guarantee on all equipment. You get to enjoy the warranty as long as you use the product in the required manner. The suppliers ensure that you have the option of delivering the product right on your doorstep if you choose to sign up with their program. Signing up means that you get to enjoy reduced prices as well as discounts.

They are the future

Tobacco has faced scrutiny and campaigns have been running all through teaching people of the dangers of smoking. With e cig, it proves to be the next big thing in that the smoking for leisure has taken a different turn in that you can choose to just have flavored ones and that you do not affect the people and environment you are engaging in the habit. Although there is no regulatory body to govern them, these cigs seem to be catching up and are actually helping people quit the traditional cigarettes.

Surveys have been taken and most have proven that people who want to quit the traditional ones are opting to go for the e cigs. As for hygiene, you do not have to worry of disposal of the stubs and ashes that are characterized by normal cigarettes. With the world going green, e cig is definitely the way to go given that the emissions are in vapor form and there are no waste products.

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